Monday, November 10, 2003

Well we finished dinner....Master is watching football. So I asked to do a blog entry....

I made this pie thing with mashed potatoes for dinner. This is the first time I have ever made real mashed potatoes. And they turned out no lumps or anything! It was much easier then I thought it would be actually. Master really liked them.

After I am done with this entry, I will have to go get dressed. Master and I are going to Matrix Revolution tonight. :) We watched Reloaded again Saturday night. Every time I see any of the Matrix movies I catch more and more. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing Revolution.

Today was a pretty good day for me. It started out with Master fucking me with a hood on...and then after he fucked me He did some breath play and then slapped and punched my tits until I was begging and squirming and writhing. He then used the vibrator on me to make me cum. *blush* It was a nice way to start the day.

We have not played in a while so just even a little S&M this morning was really nice.

After Master went off to work, I began one of many projects on my list this week and I finished the projects on todays list by the time Master came home. He came home early today because of his cold, so he was home by 1:30. So I feel really good about getting that accomplished today. Tomorrow I have more projects to do and have asked Master for some help since He is home tomorrow. Plus I have some boxes of His stuff that I don't know what to do I need Him go through and organize those.

I am going to need to find something that I can make for dessert one night while my parents are here that is okay for diabetics. I had thought of several things I wanted to make and then scratched them all off my list because I remembered Mom being diabetic. She was just diagnosed this summer. I was going to make cinnamon rolls too and now I am trying to find a muffin recipe that she would be able to eat. Anyone has any ideas please feel free to drop me an email or leave a note in the comments.


I need to go get ready is a story of old...yes...I am continuing....

One night he had me sucking on his cock on and off all evening. He was really hard and horny. He finally told me he could not stand it any longer and had me undress. He pushed me down on the bed to fuck me. He just was not able to have an orgasm for some reason. He was getting frustrated because he was not able to cum. He stopped….He did not have an orgasm. He kept telling me that I did not do what I was suppose to. That I was not a good fuck. That I just expected to have pleasure and not give any to him. He then said he might have to find someone who is a good fuck.

He told me to get dressed….I was crying. Because all the things he said…I believed totally without a doubt.

He then drove us to a bar. It was a bar we had been in before. He told me to go in and sit at the bar. He gave me money to get drinks. And he then came in a few moments afterwards. He sat down at a table. Pretty soon…he saw someone he liked….and made his move. He first bought her a drink and then they started talking. He was very charming. They danced a little while I sat watching from the mirror over the bar. I had my back towards him but could see everything in the mirror. And he wanted it that way.

The bartender looked at me. And looked at Don. He did not say anything but I knew he remembered that I was Don's girl. Soon I saw Don leave with the girl. I panicked for a moment not knowing what I would do if he left me there. And then I calmed down and knew he would come for me when he wanted me. I kept drinking diet cokes and had several men come up to me to talk and ask me to dance and such but I said no that I was waiting for someone. Two hours later Don came back. He walked in with the girl…he walked over to me….with her. And said, "Sophie…this slut is danae." The girl said, "oh she is a slut like me." And he said, "oh no she is not as good as you and infact she is pretty pathetic."

He then proceeded to tell the girl while I was sitting there that he had me sucking on him most of the evening and then ended up fucking me but that I did not turn him on enough to get him off and that is why he came looking for her. The girl laughed and said you are right that is pretty pathetic. She went on to say how great he was to fuck and how that I must have a really awful pussy. I sat there looking down near tears. I did not say anything. They continued to talk about me like I wasn't even there. After a bit he kissed the girl bye and told me to get my coat on. He brought me back to his place and told me he felt that I needed to be punished for not pleasing him. So he had me undress…

I was crying and telling him I was sorry. I was so incredibly racked with guilt that he had to go find someone else to fuck. He told me that my body needed to respond more to him. And that if it would not respond during pleasure that maybe I needed to feel more pain and that he needed to be harder on me.

He put a tape gag on me first. He had hooks in his ceiling and he took and bound my breasts and then put clamps on them and strung them up on a hook. He kept pulling until I was just about to be on my tippy toes. He then tied my wrists together and pulled them up and laced that through another hook on the ceiling.

He then started to cane me. Every stroke of the cane moved my body so that the clamps pulled and if I tried to move at all between the strokes of course that pulled on them too. My ass soon was on fire with the caning. I had tears down my face. My breasts were on fire as well from being so sensitive being bound - and then being yanked on when I was hit with the cane. But I also felt the burn between my legs...burn to be fucked because I was getting so turned on.

It seemed like I was there forever…..

He took me down, undid all the wrappings, took the tape off and then told me….

That I was good girl to give him everything he wanted. I was confused. I just starred at him with tears running down my face. He held me, kissed me and talked to me softly. And then not even 10 mins later…he was fucking me, telling me how wet my cunt was for him, and telling me that I was a good fuck. He kept squeezing my breasts and they hurt so much. I would buck from the pain and he would tell me that I was acting like a whore in heat.

Then I remember him telling me that he owns me…owns me in pleasure in pain and in use and abuse. That he can do anything to me. I remember crying and saying....yes yes yes....over and over again to him.

He came and then of course told me to go home. I cried myself to sleep and was confused but still I was his and I knew it and those feelings felt so good.
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