Saturday, November 08, 2003

Horoscope....LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): You Librans want to get into the act now, but may find it difficult to jump right in. You need not miss the action, even if it doesn’t have your name up there in bright lights. Be content with your place, for things started now will surely come full circle.

Well I am feeling somewhat better today. Not great. And certainly not symptom free of the flu I have...but at least a little better.

Last nights dreams were full of Don and now I am wondering if I am bringing him too much to the surface. After I posted this morning of our time that still was "bad"...I had a feeling come over me that was not a good feeling. In the past when I have thought of Don I would get a feeling that made me feel covered in something not good. It made me feel like there was a bad in me that I needed to get out. And as I described lately when I had thought of him....there had been no ill feelings basically. It had been calm....and seemed to just an acceptance. But today the feelings crept back....that disheartened me some....

So not sure if I will keep going forward with the thoughts....the memories....the stories of old.

Okay next topic TV...

On to something Master said I have not commented on in my blogger yet and I realized I hadn't. I am totally getting hooked on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! :) Last night we were watching and I started to have a coughing attack because I was laughing so much. Carson is my favorite. He makes me laugh the most. But Jai is sooo cute! :) Yes I know he is gay but I can still look LOL

Trading Spaces I still love also but I am kind of annoyed that they are introducing more new designers and carpenters. I even saw on the newletter I get for Trading Spaces they are looking for another carpenter. I don't see enough of my favorites as it is I really hope they don't add anymore new people. I can't even remember the last time I saw a room by Vern. :(

I also like House Invaders. It is on BBC America. Anna Ryder Richardson is my favorite of the designers on there and she will be making an apperance on Trading Spaces sometime this month. I like that show because it takes what you have in your house - paint, wood, old furniture, fabric and basically just creates new from old. They come in and will change 3 rooms....and some of the changes to me are just amazing what they can do with things we already have around the house.

I have become more of a tv junkie since being with Master. Before the only show I watched really was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now....the tv is on almost all day while I do things around here.

The other thing that I have been getting hooked on lately is LiveJournal's...mostly dealing with being domestic or recipes. Here are a couple of community journals that I frequent....

Reciple Exchange
Hip Domestics
Natural Living
Domestic Bliss

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