Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Information Overload

Okay so....
I am on FetLife as danae (which is my current obsession)
I am on Livejournal as danaewhispering and have an icon community unexpectedbox, help mod dinner_ideas because you know I love all things domestic.
I have a tumblr - as danaewhispering
I have a twitter as danaewhispering
I am on My Dungeon Space as danae (although I don't sign in there very often)
And I am on The Slave Register as danaewhispering (which is now Seek Discipline too - not sure I am understanding why/how yet and I haven't signed in there -- in a while -- well I did tonight to remember if I was danae or danaewhispering.)

Anything else? OMG is that enough? As I titled this Information Overload!

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