Friday, July 11, 2008

Motivations for Service

There is a good post on fetlife about motivations of service. (You have to be a member to see it.)

I related to these motivations for service....

Devotional Service - It for me is that sense of worship - where I am so caught into serving that I only see his needs and wants. Finding the things that enhance and make his life better I think can go here but also in positional and anticipatory service.

Positional Service - It is my station and place to serve so I serve -- there isn't anything other to do whether I like the service or not. I serve from positional service A LOT.I am owned and it is my place to serve Master - period.

Parental Service vs. Celebrity Service -- like the original poster I am not sure I see parental as service but I am trying to think outside my comfort zone. This is something that goes on in our relationship quite a bit but it is mixed with celebrity type service. The example used in the post for celebrity service is that the submissive would order the dominants food - making sure it is his/her preference, open doors, be a chauffeur - that sounds like a personal assistant to me almost. In our case often Master holds the door open for me, he orders my food, he drives (he likes to control of those things) and those are parental type service. But then I fix his ice tea when we are eating out. I make sure there is creamer on the table. If he is needing/wanting something like more water or a side of bbq sauce or extra salad dressing, I usually am the one that flags the waitperson. At home, I serve him dinner, I get anything he might need but try to have it all ready for him before hand. I set out his clothes. I don't see myself doing just one or the other. It is a mixture.

Anticipatory Service vs. Micro-managed service - when I first moved here there was definitely micro-managed service going on so that Master could teach me what he liked. He told me what to do and I did it. But I now do quite a bit of anticipatory service/assumptive service. I have learned through his training and observation what he wants or needs and do it without his active control or micro-management. I can say anticipatory service is an area of service for me that has slipped. I haven't been as good at it since Master started his own business. My service has changed slightly as I do more with the business. But it is something I would like to get better at again. There are some things that are second nature. I just do it without thinking because it is so automatic for me. But lately it feels like my brain can hold only so much and there are things that get missed at times.

The one that I didn't relate too -- is transitional service. But I can see looking back on my life that I did that one at various times of my life. Wanting sex, affection or a beating and serving to get those things. And that often feels like I am control because I know if I do such and such I will get something in return. It feels manipulative. And I know I wouldn't make me feel good over all.

Anyway it was good food for thought. And would be interesting to hear/discussion the talk in person.

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  1. Hah, Celebrity service, that's me ;)

    I agree that it feels personal assistant type and I feed well off of that since I'm more organized and have the drive to see things done just right or take care of them myself. He saw that and capitalized on it :P


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