Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seeing Friends and Daddy's Princess

We were out of town and then came back and got sucked into work again so I haven't had time to post....

I had the immense pleasure of seeing my long time friend DM and her slave. It was great to see them! The time went to quickly for me though. I wish I could have spent more time with them. It was my first time meeting boy but it felt like I had known him for so long. It was great though meeting him in person.

Really again I will say there wasn't enough time. I felt like I wanted to talk about so much and time just kind of got away from me. But I am still thrilled that I was able to see them even for that short of time. Getting time with them both made my week!

It also brought home again my missing out on lifestyle friendships here - here locally. When I lived in Cleveland -- I was out to everyone I met. Even vanilla friends/acquaintances eventually got told of my lifestyle. Most people I would call my friend - were in the lifestyle. Then I moved here to Master and I am now in the closet. We can't tell our friends here of our lifestyle. Our work and our friends are too closely mixed -- to make it possible. DM asked why we haven't moved to Denver. I mean now that Master owns his own business he could really pick it up and move it to Denver. But we don't want to live in Denver. 1) We would be too close to Master's parents 2) Master's business couldn't compete in the bigger market of what Master does now. 3) Master can't stand big city life -- he gets so fed up with traffic and just the busy-ness of it all.

While in Denver, we were out in a store that has things that often appeal to my little girl side. So Daddy told me to go look and then he bought me several little things! Crayon's with princess' on them! And little princess notepad and notecards that say Princess of Quite A LOT!

DM, boy and I were talking about little side. I think Master really didn't realize he had a Daddy side until me. I became little and he was like lets get that little girl some crayons and coloring books. He was all for it. He just naturally has that Daddy side. He like to buy me pretty little girl things, he like to hold me and give his girl hugs and wipe away my tears. He likes to tuck me into bed with my teddy bear.

As soon as I let that little girl out he plays right to that side of me (*there are reasons he doesn't usually do Daddy without me doing little girl first but not getting into that in this post but can come back to it sometime). And so I can in my little voice ask for ice cream and Daddy decides. I will say most of the time Daddy indulges me. But there are times Daddy says no. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I like that he says no. I like that he spoils me but it is good to have it balanced. In Denver with DM and boy I "almost" said I could get Daddy to do what I wanted. I stopped myself but DM caught what I was going to say. I stopped myself because I knew it wasn't true...I can't get Daddy to do what I want. Yes sometimes he indulges me. But as I said other times he says no. But more importantly I couldn't do it....I can't ask for things even as little girl often. I can't manipulate situations either -- it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel just awful when I have done that in past relationship. I just feel if Master/Daddy wants me to have something he will get it for me.

Like when we went to the store Daddy told me to go look - I didn't really think I would be getting anything. Daddy was standing with the people we came into the store with - in line at the check out while I looked. Just as they were finishing checking out I was about to head that direction and Daddy came to me and told me to pick out a couple things! I squee'd and wanted to jump up and down but just gave Daddy hugs and thanked him and then picked out a few things. yay for Princess things. But it wouldn't occur to me to beg or pout for things as little girl because it isn't me. It would make me feel uncomfortable and bad.

So although Daddy adore me and I can bat my eyes, giggle and give Daddy kisses -- I don't try to wrap him around my finger. I know it wouldn't work and it would make me feel like a bad little girl. I like being Daddy's Princes and don't want anything to ruin that!

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  1. I get this. I understand it completely. It's so much deeper and more meaningful than most realize. We are truly blessed Princesses!


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