Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grown Women Playing with Dolls

So I was looking through stats and found that a German blog was linking to my Daddy's Princess post. Basically the post was saying they don't understand grown women playing with dolls and coloring. That kind of made me sad.

Because although I feel like I just naturally have this little girl in me that wants to play. I just think grown women who don't have a little would still have fun playing.

Master's Mom is not a "little girl" she is a old woman with grandkids, but she likes to color. My Mom when she was here for my birthday went to the playground to swing with me. A friend of mine likes to jump rope and skip but she is an adult woman and not even aware of this type of lifestyle. It is fun to let loose and just play. Grab some markers, construction paper and stickers and create. To go back to those innocent days of make believe - by playing with paper dolls or barbies. To make forts in the living room with blankets and hang stars inside it. To make truck paths on the living room floor for little matchbox cars. To paint a picture of a sunny day and bright colored flowers. To get lost in a wonderful children's storybook.

I enjoy paper dolls, coloring books and crayons, construction paper, glitter, markers, stickers, blowing bubbles, groovy girls, stuffed animals, swinging, watching Disney movies, reading children's story books and I hope that I always allow myself to play and have fun! Sometimes we need to reclaim those innocent moments - even for just a second - to feel how we felt when we were young. That's why I feel sad for that person's blog because I believe it means that innocence is lost.


  1. My mom still buys us coloring books and crayons every Christmas. :)

    Taylor too. And he uses them!

    It's fun to open that new box, smell that crayon smell and spend a few hours just playing and making pretty things!

  2. I couldn't agree more. I've told some of our friends that I sleep with stuffed animals sometimes. Hell Master chuckles at me when I grab one of my stuffed animals and start making them dance. And He is the one that buys me the stuffed animals.

    I enjoy feeling that way. I may only be 25 years old, but it is still nice to forget about being an "adult" for a little while and just play with your stuffed animals, or color, or play with play-doh, or whatever it is that makes you feel that way. I'm glad that you post about such things. I am sometimes hesitant to do so in my own blog. I don't know why. And I really shouldn't be.

  3. It is sad to lose that innocense. I did lose it once. But then, I had children. I find so much joy in sitting and coloring, painting, playing cars and crashing into each other. Playing pretend and not caring who is listening in.

    Those are the best times.


  4. @CarrieAnn - that is SO COOL about the coloring books and Taylor coloring just ROCKS! I love that smell of new crayons too.

    @pawprintsinslavery - I am 40 years old and still sleep with a teddy bear and Master's parents know - my parents know...as I bring it with on trips. i can't sleep without it. :) And I hope that I never out grow that! I hope you will not feel so hesitant in posting about playing in your blog. It is a topic that seems to be taboo so I understand holding back about it. I know I could write about it more then I do.

    @jane I am glad you found it again and that you play! :)

  5. Although I can't really picture myself doing the things you say, I totally understand, and agree with, the reasons you give. We shouldn't have to lose our innocence, and quit having fun, just cuz we're "adults".

  6. I love to color. I love to watch stupid cartoons and laugh hysterically with The Knight. Until I met him, I'd never been a child. I didn;t know what it meant, what it was all about.

    Crayons, coloring books, stuffed animals, and pajamas are just a few of the things he's bought to help me heal my inner child. Next are dolls ;)

    Thanks for sharing this. It really made me think.


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