Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Human!

yay! I am not spam! I signed into blogger this morning to do a post and there was a note telling me that my account was on hold for possibly violating the terms of service by being a spam blog/bot. I have had my blogger here for almost 8 years so it seemed a little odd to be tagged as spam with such a big archive. But they had me fill out a form to prove I was human and the hold was lifted tonight. yay for having my blog back!


  1. Congrats on not being a bot! :-D

  2. omg you mean to tell us after all these years your not a bot? thank goodness blogger figured that out for us.

    i used to love blogger about 5 years ago and then i grew to hate it.

    Glad you have your blog back.....i would really miss your writing if you were gone.

    His mija

  3. Hi danae,
    We had the same thing happen to our blog a few months ago. I'm still unsure why blogger thought we were a spam blog. I'm glad you got your blog back. :)


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