Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Often Master and I will get in a discussion about something I read on a blog or elist. Sometimes there are people I refer to quite a bit as I like their writings/thoughts/beliefs. And often those people were from one of two elists/or both that I joined early in my days of being online. My first elist encounter was with a group called MDOM ran by Carter Stevens. I started with the group late 1998. (Another elist I have mentioned having a lot of influence on my shaping my beliefs was J. Mikael Togneri's Absolute BDSM elist -- and again many of the people I knew on MDOM where on Absolute too.)

MDOM had massive amounts of mail a day. I want to say 500 to 1000 pieces a day. There were good discussions. There were debates from every angle of a subject. Of course there was the my kink is better then yours but as I have said many many times we just won't get away from that - vanilla groups even get the my way is the one true way folks.

Every elist I have been on for the last oh 5 or more years hasn't felt the same as as they did back then (1998 - 2000.) It is sad that those days of elist are gone. They are a thing of the past and things like blogs and social networking have taken their place.

The other day I signed into FetLife and saw one of the people I "met" through MDOM years ago joined a group called MDOM Alumni. Just a few of us there now. But it brought back some good memories.

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