Thursday, August 07, 2008


A reply to a series of question from a FetLife group....

Does a slave have a right or even an obligation to explain something to her Master when there's a misunderstanding? Does she have a right to be heard?

Master allows me to explain at times. But it is totally up to him if he allows me that right or not.

I do have to state that Master is partially deaf and so there are times I don't feel he has heard me correctly and part of my service is being his ears -- and explaining anything he misses. And that even means with me. But when/if he acknowledges he understood me -- it is my queue to drop it.

If she should explain, how does she go about doing this with respect and maintaining her "place"?

If I am allowed to explain....I have a good friend that calls it thinking from her knees. She pictures herself on her knees. I take a few breathes and then think of myself look up at him and telling him what I need to tell him. It helps me remind me not to raise my voice or keep my emotions in check because they can color things.

Also if I am livid inside, I just do what I can to acknowledge his questions and then if I need to I will write later to get the emotions out and I just open a word document let myself type out what I felt and then often don't even save just delete because it is my way of saying okay you got your emotions out now I can let it go.

Have you ever been in a discussion with your Master in which it escalated to an argument and what did you do? How was it handled?

I am human. Master is human. We have yelled at each other. Not that either of liked it or felt it was appropriate but it has happened. When that has happened, it happens. We try to get it back on solution/topic again and if we can't we walk away and cool down. And come back to it.

There has been a few instances where if it was getting into a heated argument -- Master has slapped me. I haven't always handled that with grace either. But I understand why he did it.

At what point does the Master just shut-it-down and ultimately He's just RIGHT, no matter if He's "not"? To what degree, if ANY, does a slave have the "right" to express her opinion, or explain something to her Master?

If Master shuts it down -- and wants no further discussion/opinions then I need to drop it. Going on about it will just get him more upset and most likely I will get slapped. As I stated above I don't have the right to explain unless he has given it. If he does and then shuts the discussion down -- I hope I was able to get what I needed to say into that time and if not then well - I need to let it go.

Is this a matter of "the Master's always right"? If so, how do we slaves "deal" with that?

Yes, pretty much it is. I can tell myself he is wrong all I want inside. But once he has ended the discussion - it is ended. Again if I need to get the emotions out I will write about it -- and then hit delete and when I do --- it is my way of letting it go.

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  1. I use what I think of as an "invisible" blog for my emotional dumping place. It is as private as I can make it -- not visible on the directory, not open to readers except by invitation (and no one is invited), and entirely without any capacity for comments. It is purely my place to take those "emotional" reactions that I know would be inappropriate or damaging to unleash in our lives. Like you, I find writing them helps me dilute those feelings to a level where I can manage a more proper response in our relationship.



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