Sunday, August 10, 2008

Feet Not Planted in Reality?

I have been going through my archives and trying to label/tag more of the entries. I came across this entry early in my blogging days. I didn't list the website. I tried to google it and not even my blog came up for it so it must be a dead website.

I came upon a site and I cannot believe all the things that I disagree with on it. I know I took it very literal but to me you need to be CLEAR on what you are meaning in D/s because we each have our own ways and views of how to do life. I disagree so strongly I am writing about them. I wonder if this person has ever done Real Life D/s. Or if it has totally been online. Because going from my experiences – I would say he has only done online.

I am going to cut and paste and then commented on each thing.

"If he is not happy or content with a slave or a slave is not happy and content with their MASTER and it cannot be resolved within a reasonable amount of time he must release her. If he does not release her she has the option to seek another even while enslaved and when another MASTER claims her she is owned by him from that point on.”
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