Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Believe In It Anymore

About a month ago or two ago I was looking through our website and updating some things. And started to think about pulling some of the essays I have written because they don't really fit with what I believe anymore. Does it matter I don't believe in the essay anymore? It is my words and I did believe it once. It is something some still relate too even if I don't. So does it matter if I don't like it?

Ignoring as a form of punishment is one of those essays I don't believe in anymore. In the essay I really come out against it. I say many things in it that I just don't believe are true or frankly I don't find accurate. And ignoring as a form of punishment is something I believe in now. Master has done it to me early on in our relationship. Not to the extent that most think of when thinking of it as a punishment but it still was ignoring. In some situations, I can see it being not a good thing for a relationship but it our relationship I accept it as I understand it suits Master. If he is mad at me, he doesn't want to talk to me. So ignoring me works for him. And I survive and work hard so that it doesn't happen again.

That essay isn't the only essay that I don't believe in anymore or like or wonder if I should pull. I go back and forth on them. And so for now they stay there.

Also what got me started on this topic again though really was because someone used several of my essays without my permission - posting them to FetLife without credit. And the Ignoring as a Form of Punishment was one of them and it generated A LOT of comments. It made me cringe just seeing it and all the comments.


  1. People posted your stuff on fetlife??????? Without credit???? Wtf???? That would so totally piss me off.

    And I hear ya on the "not believing anymore" stuff. I look back at some of my old stuff and cringe. I keep it, though, cuz it reminds me of how far I've come and how much I've grown. :)

  2. Carrieann,
    One person posted 4 of my essays without credit and without permission on several FetLife groups and his journal on FetLife. I wrote FetLife and they didn't do anything. I wrote the "gentleman" and he did a non-apology apology. And didn't even go back and add in credit to me. He basically said google doesn't work and he forgot who wrote it. I told him it did work and tested it with all my articles and even one line pulled me up as the first link. It really pissed me off. Pissed Master off even more that this person is owned and his Owner didn't get upset about their slave doing this. Anyway they are all still there - well one was pulled by the group owner and she personally apologized to me.

    On the not believing in it anymore...I agree with you - it does s how far I am come and grown. Thank gawd lol

  3. The whole fetlife thing is BS..Can you complain or something?
    I wouldn't delete the essays. People ask me about my tattoos...I do not regret any of them...They were a phase in my life, and whether or not I am proud of them or still feel that..I did once. And I remember. Sometimes it's nice to look back and see what you once though was reality and how much you have grown and changed.
    Take care



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