Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged - Random Facts

I was tagged by Kitten.

The Rules: (and as usual I am not tagging so striking those rules out - play if you want!)
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1. I love little notepads, memo pads, sticky notes and scratch paper. Right now I have about 7 different ones sitting on my desk.

2. I like candy corn and got a cute candy corn candy dish for my birthday.

3. Fall is my favorite season with spring second, winter third and summer last. I prefer to be cold then hot.

4. I got a new skirt for my birthday. A black and brown tweed skirt that Master really didn't like when he saw it just hanging on the hanger. I put it on the other night with a pink blouse and he really liked it. He said I can be his secretary ANYTIME.

5. When I put red panties on, no matter really the look of them, I feel sexy. Red just makes me feel sexy.

6. Although I can't have kids, if I could I would still remain childfree. I just don't feel I would make a good Mom and I feel I am much to selfish to have kids.

7. Todays kinky thoughts have been about wax play thanks to kaya for a picture she posted on FetLife.

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