Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gigi Paraffin Wax

Today we were in Sally's getting me PURPLE hair dye but I noticed on their flyer they have right in the store a coupon for $3 off for Gigi Paraffin Wax making it on sale for $1.99. That is a great price! I love the stuff for wax play.Melt it in a crockpot pour it on to your subject/victim with a little ladle. Although paint brushes work too but what I would really like to try now...is some of those silicon pastry brushes/bbq brushes. Those would work great I bet. Oh yummy wax thoughts!

Here is a link to the eucalyptus one on Sally's website (but it doesn't look like it is on sale there). Peach is my favorite scent. But I have used Eucalyptus and Vanilla too and liked them.

I have a very fond memory of using wax on a very good friend. She called me mean. :) Oh now just thinking of wax makes me think of many people who laid on our living room floor (when I lived in Ohio) and had hot wax poured on them. It was so fun! I miss you all!

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