Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Make Me into THAT Girl

This is from season one of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I can't remember what episode it is from but it one where Charlie (Sarah's former boyfriend) is talking to his wife. An FBI agent had been there questioning him about Sarah Connor. It just reminded me of when I was in the poly family as I was made into that girl.

Charlie's wife says: "You know why you love me? I am going to tell you. You love me because I am not that girl. I am not that jealous girl. I am not that insecure girl. I am not that petty girl. So don't make me into that girl by lying to me."

I never was jealous, insecure or petty when I lived in the poly family but then I was lied to. So I learned to question and often seemed jealous, insecure and petty because I had been lied to so often. It was the lies that upset me. Otherwise I was always happy when he was out with others or I could hear him having fun with another in the next room -- it gave me warm fuzzies. But lying to me made me into that girl. I didn't like being that girl and wouldn't have been upset if it weren't for the lying.

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