Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breath Play

Questions from the FetLife group Breath Play Fetish: What sparked your interest? When was your first time? how did it feel? how often do you do it now? how often would you like to do it? and have you ever experienced the "bad" stuff we have all heard about?

First I have heard all the warnings of breath play. I read Jay Wiseman's take on it. And I have talked to people in the medical field about it too. And I have read Vamp's very detailed essay on the subject too. I know the risks.

So on to answering the questions...I did some breath play with Don but my real interest didn't happen until I was married. A friend of mine was talking about it - that her and her boyfriend did it during sex. And the thought turned me on so I shared it with Jim and he liked the thought of it too. So we started playing with it. It started with his hand over my mouth, pillow smothering me but then we eventually tried it with a silk tie (from my silk bathrobe) around my neck. And I loved it. I mean LOVED IT! The first time I blacked out - it of course kind of freaked us both out. But the rush. And how it felt during it was so great that I wanted it again. And we did do it again and again.

One of my favorite ways was from behind but Jim preferred being able to see my face to really see what was going on. But agreed that from behind was hot. He would take me anally from behind and pull on the tie. And it was....well hard to describe..the pain from being taken anally (at the time anal sex was still new for us too), the tie getting tightening around my neck and the the panic that comes with that, the lack of control that came with not being able to get away from it all with his weight against me and the tie around my neck . My brain trying to process it all just almost too much that it made it - a total turn on for me. And he enjoyed the control. I probably can remember every time we did it like that. As I said he preferred to look at me for safety reasons really but we both liked it better from behind.

Master and I engage in breath play pretty regularly during sex. Mostly in forms of him covering my mouth and nose, using the gas mask and at times pressure on carotid arteries with just his hands.

I haven't ever had a "bad" experience or at least anything that I put into the bad experience column. I have been held underwater, had a plastic bag over my head, saran wrapped around my head, various forms of strangulation and pressure on the carotid arteries and each one gives me a thrill. Breath play is one of my favorite things. I know it isn't for everyone. I know it has risks. But it is risks that I am willing to take.

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  1. That was beautiful. Thank you. I used to think it taboo until someone did it to me - in a non bdsm relationship. I was so turned on by it and started the research. It was one of those things when I finally did meet my boyfriend - and we did the polite dance around the fact we were both wonderfully perverted freaks - that was the hardest to bring up because it seems it's either you're for it or against it.

    (yeah, I haven't started blogging over at LJ yet, I just don't know where to start despite having a vanilla blog blog for over 5 years)


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