Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What if....the house is on fire?

Okay so I am kind of surprised by response from my post on being His Captive. I know it is out of curiosity and concern. And I can appreciate that but it still surprised me. Recently I wrote a post about Living in a Bubble and I think I made it clear that Master likes me to think, carry on intelligent discussions and have well thought out positions on many subjects. Master is not dumbing me down through isolation.

But I had a few comments questioning the command not to use the phone or leave without Master's permission - they were basically wondering what would happen if there was an emergency such as a fire. Again I know the comments are meant out of curiosity and concern. But as I said above they did surprise me as I hope I don't come across as mindless.

I think we all have self preservation. If the house is on fire, I am not going to just sit in the house just because I was told not to leave the house without him. Each of us has a personal responsibility - just because I am owned and Master controls my life doesn't get me off the hook for being responsible for my actions. I have a personal responsibility to myself as well as a responsibility to Master to take care of myself. And Master would be pretty pissed at me if I sat in a house while it burned down around me. And - or didn't call 911 in an emergency.

There have been many times when Master has went out of town. And I don't have a car available - so I am alone. But we have plans in place in case I would need to go to the hospital or if I really needed something (example: maybe having the stomach flu and we are out of sprite or I didn't realize I was out of a prescription so need that), I have ways to get anything I would need. And even if Master hadn't set in place those plans - again I have a lot of common sense and could figure it out on my own.

Are there people out there who might be given that order to not use the phone or leave the house that would sit in a burning house? I guess it is entirely possible. But I am not one of them. Nor would Master want me to be that type of person. He kind of likes having me as his slave and plans on keeping me around for a while.


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