Monday, March 22, 2010

March Questions: Giving Up Things for Him

are there dreams or desires you have/have had for yourself that you, by being His slave, have had to leave to His choice whether you'll ever have opportunity to realize? what if you want something he doesn't? are you supposed to be satisfied with the idea you'll never have it? are you able to blindly dismiss your own desires and simply trust that whatever He does/doesn't want should just be sufficient to meet your needs?

I can't think of any dreams really that I have had to put aside for him. But desires yes. Some that I will never have the opportunity to realize. I think what happens is that you learn that some things are more important then others. Is it really okay that I give up being gang banged again to be in a relationship where I can serve in ways I never have before and fulfill me? I think that is an easy choice. I think no matter if we are in vanilla relationships or M/s, we all have things we won't ever have the opportunity to realize - it is just weighing how much that means to you in the over all scheme of things. And yes I do think that I have to trust that whatever he does/doesn't want should be sufficient to meet my needs. BUT if it isn't then I need to discuss that with him and hopefully we come up with answer or solution. In the rare occasion it is just something I have to suck up and deal with but again it is weighing what I have in this relationship verses the things I don't and knowing that the things I get out-weigh those things I don't get. Also sometimes having to suck it up - and just deal - gives me something. It makes me feel like I am really doing what he desires and pleasing him fulfills me. But always I discuss if/when needs aren't being met. Master's door is always open and he wants me to discuss anything with him.

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