Friday, May 13, 2011


A list as my life is going all too fast these days.....

* We have lots of work and I am so thankful! Our business is going good. And that is very good. We are however very tired and stressed because of all the work.

* I am thinking of doing Eden Fantasy reviews :)

* Master is seeing someone kind of localish. He has known her for over a year. We have all 3 spent time together...but I am still in the getting to know her phase.

* We (as in all 3 of us) went and had a day trip on Sunday together. We packed a picnic and had it next to a waterfall up in the mountains. I made a pasta salad that I will be posting the easy recipe on domestic servitude next week.

* Last Friday was the year anniversary of my Uncle dying. And I did okay.

* Sunday will be a year since Kam died. I have processed a lot of anger and unresolved feelings with Kam in this last year and am thinking that I should do a little ritual or at least sit down and do something for me...for us to help let that go more formally.

* I downloaded photos from my camera the other day and found quite a few photos for recipes I need to post to domestic servitude.

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