Friday, January 13, 2012

Stupid Cunt

The other day Master and I were playing and it was kind of winding down.  I was in that blissful state of just being used.  He had cum and I was covered in his cum. I was laying next to him all snuggled close.  He stroked my hair kind of gently and then said something to me...something deeply humiliating and degrading.  I am not going to say what he said as I don't want it to lose the intensity if he wants to use it again.  He told me one of those things I think often but don't voice out loud really. He said it to me followed by stupid cunt. He called me stupid cunt many times. But basically as soon as he said it the first time I felt it build. I ended up cumming. He wasn't touching my clit or hardly touching me at all - just his hand in my hair bringing me back to him because I had tried to turn away as soon as he started in with the words.  I had several orgasms, said thank you to Master and told him I loved him - right after he has just humiliated and degraded me.  Twisted love...yay for us!

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