Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Heart Rope

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.comI was reading the Sexis column by Mollena over on Eden Fantasys titled Got Rope?  When I first was tied up, it was just a very crude way,  neckties from my high school boyfriend's closet that he ended up ruining from how he tied me. But I still remember those feelings associated with it - the feelings of him wrapping them around me, how his hands touched me as tied me up, the feeling of them cutting into the flesh and that I wasn't able to move/escape and was there for him to do what he wanted.  It made me feel incredibly vulnerable and exposed but that in turn made me feel very sexy and extremely turned on.   

Oddly enough I haven't been with people who enjoy rope bondage all that much. I have been tied up by a few Dominants that did enjoy rope but they weren't my regular partner and for me it feels different to me. There is a different connection.  Master enjoys bondage in the form of restraints such as cuffs, chain, duct tape but not really rope bondage. But one year at  Thunder in the Mountain I begged him to go to a rope bondage intro class. He said yes. The class inspired him! Yeah for me! 

It inspired him so much that immediately after the class, we headed to the vendors and Master bought rope. He actually had gotten some rope before the class as he did think of putting me in a harness for the evening. After the class though, he decided he not only wanted a more intensive harness, but the bondage to go down my arms. I remember I very scared about what Master had wear to the dungeon - basically sexy lingerie: a corset top, satin panties, thigh highs and heels.  After we got to the dungeon, Master did a body harness on me. From the neck of the body harness he did bondage down each arm. It was really nice. It was nice to feel it go on - feel Master put it on.  To feel his hands and see his eyes on my body as he put the rope on me.  It just felt completely different energy then it is when it is just someone casual. He then gagged me, collared and leashed me and we walked around watching various scenes going on.  I felt very much like a pretty package wrapped up on display for his pleasure.  I felt more sexy in the rope then anything I had been in that weekend - even though I was still self-conscious. It felt good against my skin and it felt good knowing Master enjoyed having me that way.  Rope bondage made that weekend so very special - giving me amazing memories. 

Disclosure: EdenFantasys provided me with a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own, and were not influenced in any way.

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