Sunday, February 03, 2013

Captain Jack Slips on a Condom

Condoms in adult sex movies is something that is always being considered as a law. Honestly I am not sure how I feel about it. I thought it was a law before this to tell you the truth.  I guess I should have known that it wasn't a law from the porn I watch.  I remember when I was escort - in the sex industry I remember this being talked about a lot.  It is something I think that is always kind of split in the porn industry - some don't want condoms and some do.  It was the same as an escort - some clients hated using condoms and some were fine using them. 

I like the idea of safe sex. But I also think the people having sex really should be the ones deciding on a personal level so does that move to the adult film industry too? Again...honestly not sure.  I think I lean more heavily towards safe sex.  I guess I kind of wonder if they worry about getting and STD.  I know I did as an escort and I played safe. But I still was nervous about it.

Anyway the reason I am writing about this is....I read a comment that made me laugh.... 

"Let's assume that we're filming an adult movie and it was taking place in the swashbuckler times. All of a sudden, Captain Jack slips on a condom. Obviously, that would basically destroy the movie, because it would be fake. Obviously, people would know that couldn't have happened then," Cambria said.

REALLY?  I mean REALLY?  Do we watch porn for reality? No, we watch because it is a fantasy and to feeds our fantasies. Is a pirate Captain Jack in porn trying to be like reality...really?  Sometimes I am amazed by the things people say. I totally get he is the attorney for the adult films so needing to come up with something to say in defense of not wearing them.  But not sure this comment helps his case. 

 The Colbert Report did a bit on it too.  It was funny. 

The statement that I have quoted above happens about the 3:30 mark, but the whole porn name thing is funny too. 

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