Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downton Abbey

I have been drinking more tea this winter. Last winter, I might have had a cup or two a week. Now I have one almost everyday.  Even having a second cup sometimes. 

Either it is just because it has been so cold this winter or maybe watching so much of Downton Abbey is inspiring me to drink more tea.

It took about 3 episodes of the first season before getting Master hooked on Downton Abbey. We watched season 1 on Netflix and season 2 on Hulu.  Right now 3 is being shown on PBS.org until March 3rd. But luckily for me, Master bought me Downton Abbey UK edition Season 3 on DVD so we had a season 3 marathon recently. I was thrilled to see moments I had been waiting for since season 1. But I was also shocked by some things and think Mr. Julian Fellowes writer/creator of Downton Abbey has a little Joss Whedon in him. Joss fans might understand when they watch all of season 3. 

Now I am waiting for season 4! And rewatching all seasons OVER and OVER. 

I love the opening credits where they measure the place settings. I remember seeing the first episode - and even now when I watch it I get this feeling of flutter in my stomach from the service. I love the attention to details and dynamics between the servants and their Master/employer. 

There is this little piece when Matthew in season 1 expresses to Robert that he doesn't need a valet. It is just a little moment where he goes on about how unfair that would be to Mosely, but then ends it with - "We all have parts to play Matthew and we must all be allowed to play them." I like that line.  We do all have parts to play in life. Finding that path to do what you desire can sometimes be hard. But the outcome is worth and luckily I have found my part to play it fits nicely with what Master desires. 

Just for fun.... Sesame Street does Downton Abbey

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