Friday, February 01, 2013

10 years

7 days after he collared me
We are celebrating 10 years together today. 10 years ago Master picked me up at the airport where we were hugging and kissing like high school kids. I flew into Denver so before we headed to his small town, we  stopped at a fetish store in the big city. When we got out of the car, he had me stand at  right there on the curb.  He reached in his pocket and took out a heavy hardware type chain and lock.  His fingers slipped it around my neck and locked it in place. No words were exchanged.  He lifted my chin to meet his eyes and the unspoken words claimed me as His property. There was no words asking me if I would be his slave. No words of asking for consent.  It was just a knowing of yes this is right for us and claiming me right there. 

I remember I did not touch at first because I knew if I did I would start crying and we were about to be going into a store. So of course I did not want tears in there. Later in the car Master told me to touch it and the tears started flowing in the realization of it - the meaning of it and that I was really owned by Him.  I had felt enslaved to him before that moment, but that moment made it real for me. No denying it.  

I am so thankful for 10 years of serving him and walking this path together. I adore serving him still 10 years later. It has been AMAZING! 


  1. Who says that an M/s relationship can't be beautiful? ;) Your story is inspiring for me. Just knowing that these relationships can be as picturesque (in their own special ways) as any other one makes me feel as though it's that much more possible for me and my future as a sub./hopefully slave. Thank you. :)

  2. Wow... I hope I feel like this one day


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