Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Raid?

I read this on an elist but I can't find confirmation of it other then link on this quoted section.....and I usually like a few sources on this kind of thing....

"ENFIELD, CT – Michelle Silva thought that things were starting to
settle down in her life. She was getting her finances in order and had
found that selling home-made bondage videos through her website
provided her with the economic independence she needed to accomplish
her goals. She had her professional ducks in a row and was preparing
for a successful and satisfying future.

In order to comply with all local laws, she possessed the appropriate
business zoning permits. In order to comply with national 2257
regulations, she kept appropriate model documentation. Yet on the
afternoon of Wednesday, November 16, she says that as many as 30
members of the Enfield Connecticut police force unexpectedly entered
her home, repeatedly made derogatory comments about her lifestyle, and
confiscated not only all of her computer and internet technology
related possessions, but also every piece of bondage furniture and
BDSM equipment likewise involved."
Read the whole article.

Edit added Dec. 2: This link was posted that is in the woman's own words.

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