Friday, May 12, 2006

Answering the Cleaning Questions

So going to answer the questions I did in a previous entry....on cleaning....

Do you have some cleaning products stored in the room they are used in such as toilet bowl cleaner stored in the bathroom? I do keep the bathroom things in the bathroom...such as the toilet bowl cleaner, brush, and scrubbing bubbles.

Or do do you have a big bucket or container that you cart cleaning supplies from room to room? I do keep things in a basket under the kitchen sink but I don't cart the basket around. I just grab what I need for the room I am about to clean

What is your favorite cleaning product for the kitchen? For the most part I use vinegar and water but I do always keep some name brand product on hand as a back up. Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaner is what I have on hand right now.

The bathroom? toilet has to be lysol toilet bowl cleaner the one with bleach. When I use other things, I just don't feel the toilet is as clean. I loved the smell scrubbing bubble orange toilet bowl cleaner...but again I didn't feel the toilet was as clean. For shower and tub I use scrubbing bubbles...that with the magic eraser and soap scum wipes off fairly easy for me. Vinegar and Water solution for sink, counters, walls, floor...well everything else in the bathroom really. Someone over on LiveJournal suggested tea tree oil in that solution - because so many products these days have antibacterial agents in them and tea tree oil will do the same thing so I am going to ask Master about picking some up at the health food store next time we are in there so that I can add that to the mixture for the bathroom.

Dusting? I use the light mist of vinegar water solution first - making sure I get it completely dry with a microfiber cloth and then I do a lemon oil that I can't remember the name of at the moment and am too lazy to go look but I am going to try the olive oil that so many answered with it my livejournal comments. I also have a duster that I haven't been able to find a picture of online - it is for general dusting but also good electronic equipment so that you don't create static and I love that thing. (the cats like that thing too - they often think it is their play toy)

Another favorite cleaning product? magic erasers and I have to say I use clorox wipes a lot - probably way more then I should but they just are so handy - cat throws up, spill something on the counter or is so easy to reach for them.

Do you have a natural or homemade cleaning supply that you count on during your cleaning routine and what is it? vinegar water solution. I have some cleaning tips on our website and one that I do use quite a bit is the baking soda and vinegar as a soft scrub. It is really good sticky areas and grease - also good on those things that stick to pans!

What is your least favorite cleaning job? Laundry. I dislike laundry so much! And as I explained in a comment to someone when you break it down none of it is hard...sorting...not hard, throwing them into the washer...not hard, folding...not hard but the over-all process I just can't stand. Next after laundry is washing and sweeping the floors. We have cats...I have allergies...and you can see where that takes me. I feel like I am swiffering the floor all day long.

What is your favorite cleaning job? probably cleaning the bedroom...clean sheets, everything pretty, lights some candles and it just looks all nice and romantic! But a clean kitchen always makes me feel good too. Especially we have kind of an open floor plan so seeing into the kitchen when it is not clean just makes me uncomfortable.

Do you do anything special after major cleaning such as spring cleaning...treat yourself to a bubble bath, a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine? for spring cleaning yes...I usually will relax after and just enjoy the clean organized house. I might indulge in a shower and then a bubble bath yes both...and yes I am weird.


  1. This is one way we are wierd together, because I like a nice relaxinf bath with candles and such after a shower.

  2. yes that is how it is for me too. After I have been cleaning and get so sweaty and stinky...I need a shower to get clean and a bath to relax just like you. I am glad we can be weird together! I miss you girlie! *hugs*

  3. Hey danae,
    Enjoyed your answers! Swiffers are the best, aren't they? My sister had recommended it to me and I've never looked back. I love them. I have 3 levels in my townhouse and several floors to clean. I love the fresh scent of the swiffer fluid too. :)
    Hope your having a good weekend.


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