Monday, May 15, 2006


Master bought a ball gag for me at Thunder in the Mountains 2 years ago. It is smaller and fit my mouth really well - as I have a small mouth. We have used it quite a bit and never had a problem. But I have developed a latex allergy. I think I have always had one but it has gotten worse over the years. We haven't used the ball gag in quite a long time. Master put it on me this morning and I had it in maybe 30 seconds -- it started to burn. Well Master had just washed it so I wondered if maybe He washed it with the soap on the grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "Soap" - and he said no. I then wrote "burning like latex does." Latex condoms burn my mouth and my cunt the same way. So He had to take the gag off.

I don't like that it has worked fine before but now as the allergy gets worse now it doesn't work. It has to be the latex in it...that is the only thing I have had that type of reaction. I really liked that gag because it fit with one of leather hoods nice. It was small enough that it actually gagged me instead of me just taking a little bit out of a big ball gag.

What sucks even more for me is that Master has a huge latex fetish and so I just feel like one more thing I can't provide for Him. I feel like I am letting Him down. I know He doesn't like that I am allergic but I also know He wants me healthy and being burned and breaking out from the latex is not a healthy reaction. So I know He understands...I just wish He did have to give up one of His fetishes for me. We have found substitutes for the latex having the PVC hood - gives the same type of look that He enjoys with latex. (like the one that I linked to in a previous post.) But I know there will be things we can't find replacements for and so that sucks.

If anyone knows were we can get a small rubber ball gag without latex in it....please let me know. I googled non-latex ball gag but of course it is just bunches of stores that sell ball gags and non-latex dental dams or gloves not actually non-latex ball gags.

Edit: Master has been looking at silicone ball gags. Many of them don't mention how big they are or are bigger then we need.

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