Monday, May 22, 2006

Re-Cap of Week Away

Prologue - Sunday May 14th - I started with a migraine cycle - that seemed to get a little worse each day. But I killed it everyday - so by 3 or 4 pm I was okay.

Tuesday - We try hard not to travel with our kitty cats. Our little girl kitty has a hard time of it usually getting sick. So the Vet suggested basically an antihistamine to make her groggy and sleep. Well this is the first time she has had to have a pill in her lifestyle and it was not a fun experience getting her to swallow it. The boy cat is much better at it then her. So we got that done and made she sure she was reacting okay to it and then started loading the car.

Because of opening the new business both of us and especially Master have a lot going on in our brains - so things are getting missed that normally wouldn't....both of us assuming the other has gotten or taken care of something and later finding out that neither of us did. So it has been a little trying on both of us....especially trying not to get snappy with each other for missing it (which is something neither of us has been great at during this time). Master had something for work to take with us and so I thought he put it with his other work stuff. And he thought I had got it.

So we are on the road....just under an hour away from home when Master calls his parents to tell them we are on the way. His parents mention something about work and that reminds Master of the thing he needed to bring. Master asks me if I got it. I said, "no." I mentioned I thought he had put it in his work bag. So we pulled over at the next exit to look in the bag and of course it wasn't there.

So yes folks we had to turn back. We went back got it and got back on the road. Despite the turn back we did make good time. It actually went fairly fast for adding the extra time on to the trip.

Wednesday - I woke up with yet again another migraine - worse then Tuesday. So I got up with Master to eat breakfast right away so I could take something. Master went to his meeting and I went back to bed for a bit. When I got up it was less but still not gone. We then got to spend the afternoon alone. After Master's meeting we went to some fetish stores and then went to a nearby town that we would meet our friends V & s for dinner later. We went shopping there and got Master quite a bit of clothing that he will need for his new business. It was all on clearance as the store was going out of business. So we got great deals. We met V & s for dinner. We had a very nice time. S gave me a gift....a very pretty tea cup and saucer, tea packets and biscotti. I might take a picture of it later as the tea cup is so pretty! That was so thoughtful of her! So we had a good dinner with really great friends before heading back to Master's parent's house.

Thursday - Wednesday night when I went to bed my migraine was still not gone. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't gone and that worried me a bit. At 3am Master and I both woke up and I mentioned my migraine still being around. By 7am it had increased to a place where moving, light, and noise - HURT - so much. Well Thursday was a special event for a family member and so I was hoping I could clear it up by the time we left but no such luck. And even by the time Master and his parents came back from the event - I wasn't anywhere near feeling better. I take that back it was better but not gone and those of you that get migraines know how they just have a lingering effect that is hard to cope with. So we stayed in for dinner but did go out for Cold Stone's after. That was actually really hard on my migraine as the they had ceiling fans with bright lights creating a flickering light effect and so it hurt a lot but it was hard to turn down Cold Stone's Ice Cream. The Cold Stone worker was wearing a T-shirt that said, "Friends don't let Friends buy Grocery store Ice Cream" -- it reminded me of Kam as I had never had Ben & Jerry's before him and he used to say, "friend don't let friends eat anything other then Ben & Jerry's." So although the ice cream was great - I really was suffering from my headache a lot more then I let them all know because I didn't want to ruin their evening.

Friday - I woke up with a lower level migraine. One that I can function with - no problem. It is normal for me. Sad to say but true. So we did a late brunch as we had a family party to go to in the afternoon and evening and so wanted something to last until eating at the party. After brunch, we hit the Dollar Store. Yay! It was then close to the party time - I had a really nice time at the party with Master's family. I got time to chat with everyone and ate a lot of good food. Everyone though was very concerned about my migraines so I got a lot of "are you okay" or "how is the headache" while at the party. But they were all so understanding and good about it.

Saturday - We had an early breakfast and then did some running around most of the day. I even got a chance to go to another favorite store there to get some paper. Also Master bought me a new skirt and a jacket. The skirt is one of the twirly skirts that you see in every shop right now....tiered lightweight cotton. Mine starts at a light almost tealy blue and goes into a deep midnight blue at the bottom and then has crochet insets between each tier. The jacket is the military type jacket in white. I am not hip on any of the colors in either item but Master doesn't like that I wear so much black. They are both very cute items but I am still not sure I have things to wear with them.

Master had asked his Dad who does the cooking in their household if on Saturday evening I could take over the kitchen. And his Dad agreed. I was thinking of all the times they have come over here and he gets in my way in the kitchen. He always tries to help and usually just gets in my way so that things end up broken or spilled. So, I had some hesitation about cooking in his kitchen - that he would really be able to give it over to me. But I also understood why Master wanted me to cook as we eat out EVERY meal when we stay with them as it their chance to try out new restaurants and not have to cook. But because we were staying with them from Tuesday to Sunday that is an awful lot of eating out which is very expensive. And as I have said many times with Master opening his own business we try to watch our pennies. Dinner time hit and I asked where a couple pans were...and of course he didn't just give me the pans he asked me what I was going to do...and so he started to do things to prepare the meal. And so I from that moment had to try to kick him out -- politely. It wasn't happening and again he was getting in my way. I know Master wanted garlic toast but after making the dish I made I just couldn't take another minute of Master's father. Master even came in and made the salad because I believe he could see I was nearing that breaking overwhelmed point. His Mom kept trying to get his Dad out of the kitchen. But it didn't happen. So then right before the food was ready I said - as everyone was in the kitchen - they could set the table and get butter and such out - and Master's Dad said, "well you don't want any help" in a very snarky tone. I successfully bit my tongue. And his Mom I think gave his Dad a punch in the arm. We ate dinner and they really enjoyed it - even having seconds. So I am glad it went over well after all the struggles to get it made. Master said that I should have given him a task but really it wasn't a dish to give him a task because it was brown sausage, boil pasta and then throw it all together with the other ingredients that were ready to go straight from the package.

Sunday - Another migraine...and one that could easily go to a worst state. Master had to go his sister's and his parents went with him while I stayed back and took a shower and then packed things up to get ready to leave. Our trip home went really fast also - probably more so because we didn't stop at all. Our little girl cat did amazingly well on the way home. Our boy cat though wasn't liking our music so finally some Loreena McKennitt calmed him down and we didn't hear from him again until we pulled on to our street. He is a smart boy.

I am happy to be home but I am going to be so busy this week. I need to get Master's website up - at least a calling card type page until I can get the other real pages done that will have flash on it and all sorts of other new things I have never done. But I am looking forward to learning and seeing his page come together.

Master is going to be late tonight so I threw some pork chops in the crock as it nice that they can just cook and cook and cook until he is home. I am going to go do another load of laundry and maybe work on some art for a few moments.

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  1. Welcome home. I missed you. Glad things went so well... I worry more and more about your migraines. I do wish that you had some way to control them better...



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