Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some Rearranging....

Okay have you ever had a conversation with someone and say "yeah I can do that" and then later you realize how much work it will undertake? And what you really agreed to?

As I have stated several times Master is starting his own business and our computer room really needs to turn into his workroom/office since he will be working from home for now. Our computer room as of right now is very crowded with both of us in here. Master could really use both desks so that while one video is rendering he will be able to work on our spare computer on other projects. And he is going to be getting a special printer to print on DVD/CD's so having me out of here would give him more room for that equipment. Plus all his other video camera equipment.

So Memorial Day weekend is coming up - meaning an extra day off so we discussed that it might be a good idea to convert the computer room into his office and move my computer into my art room. We both agreed it was a good time with the extra day.

This morning I was writing a good friend and telling her I would like to do art this weekend and then remembered we are going to do all the rearranging. Oh my gawd it was like huge neon sign went on as I wrote her. I started picturing all I would have to do to get it to the state we need. Oh my gawd...what did I get myself into. It was my idea too that Master needed his own office with more work space. I am bloody brilliant...creating all this work for myself.

See my art room right now has all it's space utilized, because....that is the only way it fits. We are going to have to move out a really nice futon (great rustic log frame to it). To do that means I will have almost move everything out of the art room - leaving a clear path to the dining room and a clear place in the dining room for the futon to go until we get it to storage. My art room has a heavy wooden filing cabinet, a heavy book shelf with tons of books - from paper back to books we had when we were in college (so heavy and thick), a long 3-part shelving unit (only thing that will probably stay in the room), and then my tables, crates, rolling drawers. If you have seen the pictures I posted of my art room a while back you would have seen ALL the STUFF I have in my room. Oh my gawd!

Then Master says to me on the phone just a little bit ago it might be a good time when we clear it out to steam clean the art room. And he is absolutely right. But that means tomorrow I need to get everything cleared out that I can before he comes home. And then after he gets home we will move the futon (weighs a ton because of the log frame) out. Then Friday I will steam clean and Friday evening or Saturday morning we will have to go buy a new computer desk for me since my current one ways a ton and looks good with Master's current desk. Then Saturday start putting it together and start moving things back in the art room.

Okay NEON sign again blinking "OH MY GAWD" So I have been making plans on where everything will go as I clear it out to make a clear path. And now I am going to go do some packing.

It is going to be weird being in there and Master in here - where I am typing this now. I suspect we will be iming much more now. My moving to the other room will have some positives for both of us. My positives: I will be able to use my computer chair as my art chair now and it is much more comfy. I will have my computer in the art room so I have things as inspiration on my computer I often have to run between the 2 rooms - now I can use that file as a screen saver to look at while creating art. I will be able to hook up the ink jet printer and print collage items off. I will be able to hook up the scanner to scan all the old pictures Master's parents gave me and I will be able to share those with art friends now.

So I am going to go get busy - first need to write a couple of emails and then go pack!


  1. God that sounds like a massive job, I wish you the best of luck.

    I've been doing my share of "back to home" cleaning, and I know how things can just build up.

  2. Good luck with all of that work. I hope it all works out!


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