Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Recap

Just a little recap...

Wednesday - Shopping for shoes! My favorite pair is a pair of Born's which feel oh so good on my feet. I wore them Thursday and Friday and they didn't hurt and I am sure helped me be able to do all the walking we did those days. I can't find a picture of them online but they had a buckled like this one and then they had the top stitching like this one and are in black. I was looking for this pair - we went to 2 DSW's hoping to find them in my size but no go so I got the clogs instead.

Thursday - Breakfast Master's parents meeting my parents...They hit it off instantly! My Dad and Master's Dad worked in the same field at one point and so they talked and talked and talked about that all weekend. My Dad isn't much of a chatterbox but he really did chat it up with Master's Dad. So I am thankful that went so smoothly. My parents and Master and I went to the Denver Art Museum after. There were a lot of little extra features that I enjoyed - there was a postcard station to make your own postcard, there were lots of kid activities that we ended up doing too, lots of booklets to explain more about the pieces, a lot of coffee table art books and sitting areas throughout and just interesting ways to view some of the art. I like museums so it was a nice way to spend my birthday. After we got all the way through, Master wanted me to pick out some things in the gift shop to remember our time there. We saw one of those Anne Taintor magnet that said "...and sometimes we pretend I'm his servant." (last row - 2nd one from the left). Although we don't pretend we got a laugh from it.

We headed to Master's parents and I opened presents. My sister being such loving sisters decided to remind me it was my 40th birthday (something I avoided the whole weekend) by giving me 40 presents! Yes 40 presents including: the ornaments I collect, socks, recipe cards, art supplies, notepads, hot cocoa mix, scented lotion, 40 dimes and much much more!

Master's parents joined my parents and us for dinner on my birthday. I got seafood which is something I love and don't eat very often as Master really can't stand seafood of any kind. We were stuffed from dinner but did a little shopping after before heading to a hotel room.

Master had booked a hotel room for us the night of my birthday. I had packed just a few toys - easy portable ones: several clips, gag, blindfold, a drum stick, a mallet drumstick, the baton, this dog toy that has a loopy handle on one end and a tennis ball on the other end (feels like a punch when it hits the skin), a wooden spoon that is a little bit wider then the ones in our kitchen, this rubber spatula and a leather dog collar that is good as a slapper. Well Master decided that I should get 40 with each hitting I got at least 280. I say at least because Master decided on some of them that I seemed like I was enjoying it so he went on longer....isn't that nice him? :) He started to do my breasts too but we didn't get as far with them before getting a little distracted with the Hitachi. I don't have bruises on my bottom but it is still tender but I do have them on my breasts.

Friday - We decided would be a good day for a day trip. My parents haven't been here in the fall so they could see some colors (that what is left at least) and the beautiful mountain scenery. So we spent most of the day in the mountains at various locations!

Saturday - We met up for breakfast. Master had a meeting so while he went to his meeting Mom, Dad and I went shopping. We went to Archivers and I picked up several cute things there. My Mom bought me several things there too. She always seems to go overboard with wanting to buy me things when we get together. My sisters live in town with her and so she treats them to lunch, spa treatments and gifts all year. And so I think she tries to say she doesn't give me enough throughout the year...and I tell her she doesn't need to buy me anything...just seeing them was GREAT! After Master's meeting, he met up with us and we all had Cold Stones before my parents headed to the airport and Master and I headed to his parents to load up and head home.

Overall - The weekend just hanging out with my parents was great. I enjoyed their company, seeing them and celebrating my birthday with them. I am thrilled Master's parents got along with my parents so well! And thankful for all they did this weekend to make it a special weekend for me.

I am always amazed by Master....I think I see all he has in him and then he shows me something new. I mean I have seen his generosity before but it just always seems to go further. He drove my parents all over, he treated us all (6 of us) to several meals, he made sure my birthday was so very special. He shows his love to me in so many ways....words and actions. We have a friend that always says she wishes Master would give classes on creating a special occasion as he always tells her about how he celebrates my birthday and she is always envious. He does truly go out of his way to make it a celebration full of love and laughter. I am truly thankful for ALL he does for me not only for my birthday but always. Thank you Master...thank you thank you for everything!

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