Sunday, October 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I would say Master and I are happy to be back in the privacy of His home.

I can't even tell you everything that happened because it was just so intense and primal that drew me into a space that made me hear music. I know it included some of my favorite things face slapping & punching and breath play but I know it was more....I struggled against it in pain but for 2 reasons because at times it hurt and I wanted to get away. But other times I struggled against it because it hurt and it was pushing deep masochist buttons that wanted it to hurt more. I know that it was obvious I was in pain but I was just being engulfed and consumed by it. It was most delicious. I was grunting, whimpering, screaming, groaning, moaning, crying and writhing on the bed. And quite spent after it all.

I don't remember when the last time my masochism has come out like that...really touching it such a way. I mean we play with pain all the time but this time it was really primal and raw where I just felt like a thing not able to speak just grunt, writh, moan and fall into what He was doing to me. As I said at the beginning it was primal and intense and I am so glad we had that time together! So yummy!

(ps: the icon is me in the rubber hood)


  1. I have read just about everything on your site. I am happy and respect both of you as you respect eachother.

    Yours is the most truest form of D/s, M/s and reality as we live today.

    I am truely infactuated with your Dynamic, it is the upmost reaspect and truest form of our world.

    I needed to comment because I have looked at a lot of sites and as I have said through out, yours is the most devoted and truest.

    I hope as I know both will last forever within eachother's Mind, Body and Souls, and also to surpass to the afterlife which ever that may be, but the two of you will go on to Infinity.

    Sir Joe

  2. Thank you for your comment here and on the website. I am glad you enjoyed our writings and life!


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