Monday, October 15, 2007

Comfortable & Uncomfortable

And odd mix of bullet points as nothing is connected

  • We had dinner with friends last night. It was and odd mix of uncomfortable and comfortable. Master had made a video for one of the friends so it was like a thank you dinner from them. We weren't able to be a the party when the showed it as we were in Shreveport. But we watched the video last night with them and the friend got all teary watching it again. And he has watched it several times already but still affected by it. I know it makes Master feel good that his work touches people.

    We all watched the Rockies win so that was fun. And comfortable and relaxed. Appetizers and just hanging and talking was comfortable too. We had a really good wine - I only had a sip as migraines still lingering. But it had a grapefruit undertone that was very nice. Dinner then came and that is where I always feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable eating in front of some people. Then plus add on top of this list we were having foods I have never eaten before so that always makes me nervous if what if I don't like it what do I do....we had buffalo steaks. I also broke a spoon. They had mashed potatoes that were very heavy. She had put 3 cheeses in it, chives fresh from her garden (not that chives weight a lot lol) and they just were very weighty spuds so when I went to scoop some on to my plate the spoon snapped. So I know I blushed a million shades red. But I survived.

  • Well at Master's parents last week we watched the first disk from Planet Earth. And that was so amazing! I loved it. But really what was the cutest is when the birds came on to his parents big screen high definition tv and our sleeping male kitty cat immediately jumped from his slumber to go get them. He was reaching up touching the screen with his paw. He finally jumped up on the speaker next to the tv and sat on it reaching over to the tv to try to get the birds. We didn't get a picture because as soon as we would have moved he would have stopped. But it was SO cute!

  • Going to get my hair cut this morning. I will be having probably about 4 to 5 inches taken off - it is a length Master really likes. Then tomorrow I will dye it black cherry.

  • Talked to my parents yesterday to get plans more firm for what we are doing and staying. We are going to the art museum Thursday. Friday we will probably take a little day trip. And then the rest of the time will be for shopping. I know my Mom is buying me my present while here - and I am thinking I want new shoes - new mary janes to be exact. And there are DSW's in Denver so probably hit one of those.

  • Made Chili and cornbread on Saturday. And then yesterday I made a pie to bring to our friends - chocolate buttermilk. So here are pictures....

  • We have a film shoot this afternoon possibly this evening. I am feeling really out of today though so I hope I can snap out of it before then.

  • I watched Alice in Wonderland 3 times this weekend. Daddy bought me it and several other little girl movies. I hadn't watched Alice in Wonderland though in probably 10 years and it one I really really like so it was fun to see again!

I think that is all the randomness I have in me at the moment at least.

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