Saturday, February 02, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog....?

Okay since I have mentioned this a few times on my Livejournal I thought I should finally come clean here....

I am thinking of not blogging here. I am not set in stone about it yet. I won't delete it as I have 7 years of archives and I don't want a blog squatter using my name. If I do keep this blog it will probably go to a strictly BDSM -- M/s thoughts blog and nothing of the vanilla parts of my life.

I don't write about BDSM - M/s things much these days as I feel like I have discussed things over and over again. If there is a topic that is hot on blogs or elists, I usually have written about 3 or 4 times in years past. That isn't meant to sound superior -- as I am not - far from it. I just know that things go in cycles on the internet....the discussions of protocols, punishment, safewords, slave vs sub, if submission is a gift, trust, communication, reactance and so on.

Also I don't struggle like I did so I don't find the need to hash things out. Do I struggle with it at times? Of course but it doesn't usually occur to me blog about it because I work through the struggle and by the time I actually could get around to blogging about it -- it isn't on my radar to write about it. Also I have about 50 posts in draft form on blogger not finished as time passes it just doesn't seem relevant or spark my interest to write about now so they sit there.

So if I keep going here it will be just BDSM - M/s type blogs but that will probably mean less blog entries. Again this is just something I am tossing around at the moment -- nothing is set in stone. This is not a call for comments/emails to ask me to not stop blogging but just thought I would admit it here as I have been talking about it on my livejournal.

And also maybe this will all change and next week I will go what was I thinking silly of me.

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