Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Call for submissions: Book on Poly in M/s and D/s Relationships

I saw this - this morning on Poly and Kinky over on FetLife.

Call for Submissions:

Power Circuits: Polyamory in D/s and M/s Relationships (working title; this may change)

Raven Kaldera and Christina “slavette” Parker are putting together an anthology of essays on how people handle polyamory when there are consenting unequal power dynamics in the relationship. When you’ve got serious power exchange, many of the “normal” rules of polyamory don’t apply. What do we do instead? How do we handle the situations so that they’re as healthy as possible, and so our poly relationships last instead of exploding? We’re looking for intelligent, articulate articles on how your polyamorous relationships work.

What we want:

1) Essays under 10,000 words, sent as an attached Word or Word Perfect (not WordPad) document to Raven Kaldera at, with “Power Circuits” in the title.

2) Stories of how your web of poly power-exchange relationships function. What works well? What doesn’t work? How have things evolved over time?

3) Essays that cover specific topics, such as: Protocol used for group processing. Queer poly and straight poly; poly across the lines of sexual preference. Gender differences in poly D/s and M/s. How dom/mes can learn to take responsibility for the poly dynamic and create harmony among multiple subs and slaves. How submissives can share more than one dominant. How egalitarian lovers fit into our lives. How our households run, if we have M/s households (and how we define those). How they run if they are a mix of people, some D/s and some not. How jealousy, possessiveness, territoriality, and envy are dealt with when people have given up their agency. How people can find more poly folk to add to their power dynamics, and how to interview them. How we set priorities among our lovers. How we incorporate people with whom we have service contracts, but are not sexual and/or romantic. How all these things (and more) differ from the vanilla poly ethic, and how we handle our sexual ethics.

What we don’t want:

Stories about how it all went terribly wrong and you’ll never try poly again because you’re so burned. Stories about how Master abused you, a monogamous person, by forcing you to share him with another slave. Whining. Bitching. Making an essay into a place to publicly trash an ex. We want essays that are actually useful to people who read them, not just venting. If a relationship did end, that’s OK, but make the discussion of the breakup useful to readers.

Deadline for submissions is November 1. There is no pay for submissions – sorry, we don’t know exactly where this book will come out, but it needs to happen anyway. People are waiting for it.

Feel free to clip this and send it to anyone who might be interested!

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