Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 Facts Meme

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1. I read every night before I go to sleep. The other night I was laughing so hard I woke Master up - which he is hard of hearing so that usually doesn't happen. I was laughing so hard that I shook the bed and he told me he would take the book away if I didn't stop laughing. I was reading book 9 of the Stephanie Plum series. It was the part where Lula on her all meat diet was being chased by dogs.

2. If I am wanting a cold drink - I want it over ice...water, diet coke, crystal light or juice. It is a rare occasion that I drink a pop or a drink right out of the bottle/can.

3. I have a food-prep day about once a month. Today was that day for me. I made breakfast burritos, browned and seasoned 2 lbs ground burger (divided into packages also), made 2 packages of burgers (one bourbon peppercorn and mesquite), put marinade in ziplocks with pieces of chicken, cut up and froze veggies, made croutons and browned some Italian sausage (divided into packages to use on pizza, in pasta and to add to baked beans).

4. I worked at a pizza place during high school. I had many firsts because of working there. First real boyfriend, first time for consensual sex (and it was kinky of course), first time having sex in a bathroom stall, first time having sex at my work place, first time having sex outside (the guy that I had sex with worked with me), first time having sex with more then one guy at the same time, first time for having sex with 2 different people in one night....I am sure there are more I am just not remembering. Lots of sexual firsts because of that job.

5. I love jelly beans. But I take the black jelly beans out and eat them on their own. I don't like the liquorice taste of the black ones mixed with the fruity flavors.

6. I didn't really like spankings until Master. He is a drummer and it just made the spankings better for me. To the point of that I can at times orgasm from his spankings.

7. I am a huge Joss Whedon fan but oddly enough I am not that into Dollhouse. The last 2 episodes have made me more interested in it then the previous ones.

Here is another 7 Random Facts I did last year - wanted to do different ones so made sure to look at it first.

And as always I don't tag (don't mind being tagged though always love a meme!) So feel free to play along!

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