Monday, May 11, 2009

Vulcan Salute

Master just might kick me to the curb...I can't do the do the Vulcan salute. *hangs head in shame*

He said I need to practice as he can't believe he has had me as his for 6 years never knowing I couldn't do it. He said that could be a deal breaker.

(this is all said tongue-in-cheek just in case it didn't come across)


  1. For the record, I CAN do it. :D

    I used to do it a lot when I was little... I'd actually do it to amuse myself, in a pattern:

    First, Vulcan salute (even though I didn't know what it was) so I had a single 'V' in the middle of my four fingers...

    Then I'd press all my fingers together and then move the pointer and pinkie outward, so I had my middle and ring finger pressed next to each other and two 'Vs' in my four fingers.

    Then I'd try to switch back and forth as fast as possible.

    I thought I was just making Vs and it was fun (and WAY tricky in the beginning!

    Now I realize, I'm probably just a big dork.


    BUT, what I really came to say was DON'T WORRY!

    Zachary Quinto couldn't do it either. Scenes where he had to say things while giving the salute? He had to glue his fingers together.

    And William Shatner used fishing line because HE couldn't do it either!

    So see? You are in very GOOD company!



    (p.s. - If anyone reading your blog thought that WASN'T tongue-in-cheek, well, yikes!)

  2. LOL i can only do the Vulcan salute with my left hand. :P i was always more into Klingons anyway ;)

    Anyway...tag you're it! (see my blog)

  3. Huh... I never had a problem. Course, it was "cool" at my school to run around doing it even though no one watched Star Trek. We were weirdos.

  4. Chloe, You aren't a dork! It is very cute! :) The conversation between Master and I started because he was reading the article about Zachary Quinto having to glue his fingers together to do it. And I just was looking at Master kind of sheepishly like I had to tell him lol

    Unfortunately - I really did need to put the disclaimer in. I would have emails saying it is unfair of him to kick me to curb for something like that. really I would have.

  5. thekittenpup and rayne, see I am in the minority. :)

    I will post the meme soon.


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