Thursday, May 07, 2009

This Door Leads to Excitement...

I get the daily Notes from the Universe...

Today's message: "Here's a hint on figuring out the next step to take on the path of your wildest dreams...danae, it almost never lies behind the doors marked, "WOW," "SEXY," or "GLAMOROUS."

The Universe

ps: Not that you won't make it look wow, sexy, glamorous, danae. You always could wear anything.

I feel often that people get into a D/s or M/s relationship thinking that all things will suddenly be transformed. That now that you have walked through that KINKY SLAVE door cleaning the toilet will suddenly be exciting and a turn on.

Master and I recently had a discussion - about what I can't remember at the moment. I mean I can't remember what started the conversation. But during it I said when I was first here cleaning His toilet made me smile and actually turned me on. I was excited to serve him by cleaning the toilet. Now although I still feel that I am of domestic service by cleaning the toilet and glad I can be of service - it is just cleaning the toilet. I don't get turned on and it is just one of many tasks I perform.

I don't think there is anything wrong with that either. Life has mundane tasks and I am glad I can do some those mundane tasks so he doesn't have too.

Anyway, the Note from the Universe made me think about how people think that those mundane tasks will suddenly be transformed and everything we do is more and exciting just because are doing M/s. And it might feel that way at first but do remember reality will eventually hit.

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