Tuesday, August 25, 2009

do they hold onto your ID?

A question over at FetLife....about if your Owner holds your id.

My answer...
Master has my bank card, my drivers license, my ss card and other cards that have my name on them - such as my library card.

Master first took control of those things - for control. But over time it became a convinces to him also. As I don't carry a purse because everywhere I go - I am with him. It was his decision that I don't carry a purse. So if I need my library card - he is there with me to give that card to me. If I need to show id, he is there with me to show it.

The only time I get those things back in my possession are when I am traveling without him. Such as I just went to spend two weeks with my family without him so he gave me drivers license and bank card just before he dropped me off at the airport.

I feel again he has done this because of control - he likes control. And I liked to be controlled. It is arousing to me. I remember how it felt handing those things over for the first time when I moved in. I still get little shivers thinking about it.

Also for us - nothing belongs to me - I am his property so everything I came with, that I had is now his. So that id and all those cards are his. He can do with them what he wants. And he wants them in his control.


  1. Very interesting! I actually hold Master's ID and offer it when he requests it. He, however, holds the money cards until it's time to go and then gives me the one he expects me to use.

  2. I think if Master did have me be more of a personal assistant like you do for your Master - where you chauffeur and take care of bills at restaurants and do shopping on your own then I would have those things more in my control. But because isolation is such a big factor my slavery it wouldn't work well for us. I am a personal assistant but within certain boundaries because of the isolation. The thought appeals to me at times though to have more hands on and assisting him in those ways. But I also love my isolation.


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