Thursday, August 06, 2009

I don't hate my life

I just finished The Reunion - again. And this time I have a ton of little flags sticking out. Usually when I read a book - the first time I just read it. And if it is a book I read the second time then I stop to put flags in bits and pieces I want to remember. And this quote it one of those that I flagged.

Robin discussing her life in service to Chris Parker on the plane to Ireland....

"It was everything you said, everything you wrote, about the balance between owner and owned, the sense of knowing your place in the world and the strength that comes from that. Oh, I guess there were some days when I hated the workload, or I was just exhausted - but I never hated my life."


  1. Flags! That's a great idea!

  2. maya, I have a friend that uses different colored flags - one color for slave lessons and then another for masturbation fodder so she can turn to them when needing a little something-something. I thought that was a good idea! I need to do that!


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