Friday, April 06, 2012

Dirty Girl

I have been spring cleaning. Today I got really sweaty and gross so after cleaning went to take a shower.  Master came in and pissed on me. He does that every so often so that wasn't really anything I am not used too. I see the door of the shower open, he takes out his cock and pisses all over me.  I love the feeling of his piss hitting my body. Even when I am not on my knees, but just standing taking a shower - I enjoy the sensation and feelings it creates. He is marking his property. He is also reminding me he can do anything to do me even piss on me. I mean here I was almost done with the shower - almost ready to shut it off because I was all soapy clean and he comes and pisses on me. I love that feeling (most of the time), that makes me feel like he has no regard for my feelings or what is going on with me. I did put the most of the time in brackets because well it is a love/hate relationship - sometimes it makes me feel so good and other times is just annoys the crap out of me. Either way though - I have to accept and obey and I like that. (Post on accepting coming tomorrow.) I like that we have this dynamic.

So back on topic - Master pissed on me. I was looking kind of down after he finished - just kind of floating in the feeling of being pissed on when he suddenly slapped me. A hard slap on my wet face.  My cheek instantly went hot and red. He slapped me several times and called me names - dirty slut and bitch.

I stood pushing into his hand.  It is like I cling to the feelings and if his hand pulls away - it gives me that tingle of it might happen again - but also the feeling that it might not and I loved the feeling of his hand hitting my face. I love the feeling of the heat spreading through me.  I love knowing he can do that to me anytime.

It was just a few minutes in my whole day but it made me like I am the luckiest slave ever to have someone who loves to hurt me in the middle of a mundane day of cleaning.

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