Thursday, April 05, 2012

March Q&A - Rules

What rules do you have to follow?

Oh this question is always hard for me because my rules are so just a part of my life that I often forget what they actually are because they are a way of life now.  Also some thing that might fall more into the how Master trained me to serve him instead of an actual rule.

So thinking of the rules...

  • I can't have a coke zero without asking
  • I have to ask permission to use the rest room
  • I have to ask to eat anything
  • During a meal I have to wait for Master to give me permission to eat (usually after he starts eating he will give me permission)
  • I have to ask to permission to spend money
  • I have to ask permission to do things without him - like if a friend wanted to go for coffee I would have to ask permission
  • I have to ask permission if I would want to go out and do something by myself such as going to the library or shopping
  • I have to keep Master informed of my emotional, mental and physical health - such if I wake up with a migraine I need to tell him or if I feel sad for some reason even an unknown reason then I need to tell him
  • I have to ask to use the phone to call friends and family
  • I have to ask to answer the phone when friends and family call
  • I have to ask before opening any snail mail
  • Master has complete access to every account I have - email, journals, twitter or facebook acounts he can look at anytime he wants
  • He has access to not only online journals but offline
  • He often lets me plan shopping lists and menus but likes to look over them before anything is set in stone
  • I can't wear pants without his permission and it is a VERY rare occasion when they are allowed - such as when I hurt my knee a couple winters ago - I couldn't wear tights which meant I couldn't wear a skirt as it was too cold.  So it was pants. I had to dig through all my stuff to even find my one and only pair of pants. I mean I have lounge pants that I can wear at home but I am not allowed pants when going out of the house and I wouldn't ever wear my lounge pants in public. It would be a what not to wear moment for me :) 
  • Before I leave a room, I let Master know what I am going to be doing 
  • I ask permission to go take a nap or go to bed at night
I am not sure there is anything else...but as I said above some things might be more things Master trained me to do instead of actual rules. 

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