Saturday, September 29, 2012

30 Days of Kink - Day 11

Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

My personal views are if those in the relationship are all consenting then that is all that matters.  An ex always had problems hurting me because he just felt it wasn't right, now that was his issue or line, but for me I kept saying if both consent to it then what is wrong with it. I liked it and he did too, but the views he grew up with that it is wrong to hit a woman and that there is something wrong with being kinky - those thoughts always interfered.

I am not a big fan SSC because who decides what is safe, sane or consensual. I like RACK, but again for me all the little slogans and mottos seems like we are trying to convince someone what we do is okay. If I am okay with it then, I really don't feel I need to justify that to anyone else. are some things I have said in previous posts and essays that kind of go with this topic...

BDSM Black List - this is a post I did not too long ago about the suggestion of a BDSM Black List which I am AGAINST - click on the link to read more of my thoughts on it. I think there are bad people out there we just need to be responsible for ourselves and use our head when going into all situations even  those that are fun and kinky.

BDSM for Beginners  - listing this because I think it gives some things to help those new to BDSM find your own lines before jumping into things and then realizing that you had lines you didn't realize

Slut - I am including this because some people do think that I am slut - had sex with too many people, too kinky, think my kinks are too weird, or whatever, but what matters is how I feel about what I do and how I live so falls under ethics to me because the only people you need to worry about is yourself and the people in your relationship. If you all enjoy it then that is all that matters.

RACK vs SSC - essay I wrote a long time ago just telling the difference between the two.

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