Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Can someone be 24/7 slave but live 200 miles from their Master?

I read someone's journal today and thought about that.....

I know that before I moved with Master...I was His always even though I was not with Him....but now that I am here with Him 24/7 there is no way what I did when I was in Ohio...."24/7" as I was not living with Him. I did what ever He wanted when He wanted when I was in Ohio. But there is just something about being here with Him that had made it "more"....for me. A deeper bond? A more personal bond because we can actually see each others expressions & body language? Maybe it just that we have grown as Master/slave and the submission I give is more towards surrender and so that is all it is...why it seems so different? I just don't know....

I do know that I never called myself 24/7 until I lived with Master. I think that 24/7 can almost take on a term of "living together" - It is actually something I have tossed around a lot. Is 24/7 a mindset or a just a physical state of being 24/7 with each other?

I have a friend that does not describe herself as a 24/7 slave, but to me - to my definitions she sounds like a slave when she describes her life. She lives with her Master 24/7. She does what he says. I have another friend that is a 24/7 submissive - she is not a slave - but submissive who lives with her Dominant 24/7. She just has more say then I do....and she considers herself a submissive. So is 24/7 just a physical state of being with someone 24/7?

I guess that is how I define it....that you are with someone 24/7 - living with them.

Another question that....can go along with this topic...kind of is can you be a slave without a Master?

I would - before I was owned be asked if I was slave or submissive. And usually I would say I am not owned but hope to be a slave one day. That seems so far away now....anyway....I now look back at my life...and can see where I made a conscious choice in that I "wanted" to be a slave - even if I could not admit it out loud at times. So was a slave from then on as I was working on myself to be a slave - even if I was not owned/collared then? I served others. I know that when I lived with Bill and Lisa I did things to me as a friend but also in service to them. I know that if Bill would have told me to do something I would have done it. I trust him and lived with him and so it just was a part of me. When I visited j, I served her Master....was I being a submissive or a slave? I don't know too many people who would have done what I did in his household. I just don't know....can you be a slave before you are owned?

I guess I feel I made a conscious choice at a certain point in my life that I wanted to be a slave and even if I was not owned at that time....I made that choice. Choice that word is bothering me as I am not sure it was a choice as well as maybe a "calling" - I felt there was something more....I needed to do to be fulfilled and when I started letting parts of myself open to possibilities I found what it was....being a slave. hmmm not sure that made sense.

Okay so what do others think...can you be 24/7 and not live with the Dominant? And also can you be a slave and not be owned? Tell me what do you think?

I need to go check on my cake. Making a Midnight Bliss Cake for Master to take to work tomorrow. It smells awesome...yummy...PMS and a cake with 3 kinds of chocolate in it....I am insane right? LOL

More later maybe....Master is working so I am free *giggles* well not free but you know what I mean!

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