Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I can't sleep...not feeling good. Feeling so icky I can't even sleep. :(

I am watching a movie on HBO that I have in a box somewhere....called Clara's Heart. It is a movie I have seen many times...it has Whoopi Goldberg and Neil Patrick Harris. Not even sure why I like it but I do.

Master is okay. He called the surgeon. The pain is kind of normal from the way it sounds and He is not having other symptoms that would cause it to be an emergency. But I do think that He is having more pain means He should be looking in to having the surgery sooner then He was "planning" - which I am not sure will go over well.

His project at conference got number 1 place. I am very proud of Him and all the hard work He did for it. It looked awesome!

Okay time to I talk about our trip back east to Ohio. My time in Ohio went past way to fast....

Master and I spent one day with Moni,but it went so fast. We went to a winery there with Michael and Moni. We picked up chicken that came with jo-jo's and had a picnic - drinking wine and eating and talking. I knew Master never had jo-jo's and would like them...and He did :) He liked the wine a lot also. Only thing that was not good is...that we were in a rush to meet Michael and so I forgot to remind Master to bring His camera. He know He would have loved to take a few photographs. The next day we had to run a few errands and then went shopping.

I have told Master there is just not good shopping in Grand Junction and I think He believes me now LOL He got some quite a lot of work clothes....the highest we paid for a shirt was $12 the lowest was $2...and it was a good shirt..nice. The shopping in Ohio is great. Master bought me a shirt that is all gathered up the bodice in a mesh kind of fabric. And then a pair of heels. The heels were originally $60 and we got them for $7.

We came home and chatted with Bill and Lisa. It of course went fast too. The whole time in Ohio was fast. Then Friday we were suppose to be able to pick up the Uhaul at 9am and they did not have it ready to pick it up until 12:30 - but it took the guy at Uhaul several times to get the contract right - so by the time we got back to Bill and Lisa's it was 2:15pm. Master and I started loading right away. Bill and his daughter helped us after they got home and so at 4:17 we were pulling out with car on the trailer to head to Akron to get ready for the informal that night.

We got to Moni's and took showers and got ready. Master took a picture of me naked putting makeup on while everyone else was dressed standing there talking to me before we left LOL My whole outfit was picked out by Master....shirt and skirt from Torrid. Black Satin top that wraps around and ties and then the magenta satin with black lace. And pantyhose instead of thigh highs - even though He like those too. And then the new heels He picked out for me the day before. Katrina said I should let Him dress me always lol

I loved seeing my friends in Ohio. We had a great time at the informal. Seeing my friends was so incredible. I sent out a "form" letter - inviting everyone to the informal...as I wanted to make sure everyone would be there lol I sent it to people I knew would be there for sure - but did not want anyone to be left out.

Everyone said that I looked happier and more centered then I ever have...

Of course Moni got me crying first...and I forgot kleenex! I am not kidding you! LOL

I had some nostalgic talks with people.

The person that I first contacted after I moved from Kansas to Ohio was there...she is a good submissive. I was lonely and wanted to meet other submissives females then - I wanted friends of like mind. So I put in submissive, female and cleveland in the aol member directory (back when I had aol) and then started to email the names that came up. And she was the first person that answered my email. Even though we don't see each other often or stay in contact that well I have a special place for her. She is a good submissive. I have always admired her.

And then the first girl I met in real life at a submissive get together was there. I was really glad she was there - I know she has been going through a lot lately.

Then friends that gave me a book on Chagall for my Birthday were there...well one half of the couple. It was a book that came with me in the first load of things to Master's. Her other half could not make it...he had written me ahead of time to tell me. I understood - but I was still wishing he could have been there too. I admire them so much.

I had one person say something odd to me. The person said it to both Master and I so when this person walked away I had to have Master repeat it as I thought I heard it wrong. But I had heard it right. It was just kind of odd.

I asked one of the submissives I know in the group to sing "Killing Me Softly" I was really happy that she did. I have that on a cd that Master and I were singing on the trip. And I told Him about how good this woman sang it. I really appreciate that she sang it for me. It was the first time I ever danced at an informal. It did seem like Master and I were the only people in the world in that moment. I love Him very much.

The usual suspects - my closest friends were there. So many people I have been lucky enough to call a friend. Master told me right away that I have a really good group of friends. I cried a lot. I am glad I got to see everyone though.

I heard more then once while in Ohio that Master must do a good job at motivating me and that I seem more calm and centered. And all of it is true...amazing what being happy does to a person. :) Master is good for me and good to me. I am a lucky girl. We have bumps but we keep going forward working on our journey.

I am very glad I am on the journey with Master!

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