Friday, July 06, 2012


I will apologize in advance for the words I use in the post. I don't have words to accurately describe what I am feeling so it might come off as a cheap porn, but please know I  recognize the problem I am having with finding the right words.

Lately whenever Master touches me I am pretty much set on fire. It is like an electrical current running through my body that only he knows how access. So while driving he will reach over and touch my arm and I moan. When passing by me in the house, he will touch me just to get me to moan and wiggle because I do every time he touches me.

A little over a week ago, we were engaged in SM and sex. Master had his hand between my legs digging, grabbing, twisting and scrapping my pussy.  It hurt like hell, but yet I was so turned on that I would hump against his hand as he was doing these cruel things to me. After humping once and seeing how much pain I was in but how damn turned on it made me, he of course made me do it over and over. Because he likes I am willing to hurt myself for him.  For several days after, it hurt to pee.  And although it hurt to pee, every time he touched me - I was ready to hump his hand again. I moved my hips and moaned with just a little touch of his fingertips to my arm. We were in the car a day or so later running errands and he touched me so lightly but I moaned and moved my hips. He said, "you would hump my hand right now wouldn't you?"  And he was right, I would have because he touched me and it turns my whole body on ready to go. It is a buzzing beneath my skin that is just always ready right now and when he touches me - my body is just so thankful for even that little touch.

Last week, Master had to go do some business in a neighboring town so that meant a little road trip for the day.  I went with him. Before we left, I asked if he wanted me to wear anything specific as he had been making hints of things he wanted to do while we were on the road so knew he might have something in mind for clothing. He did.  He bought me this gold bodysuit ages and ages ago. Although it is something he loves it, it is something I put on very rarely because it makes me so self conscious.  But he asked me to wear it under a knit dress that has buttons from top to bottom. Meaning it is easy to get on and off in the car while riding along with Master.

On the way there he needed to focus on work. But on the way back he had plans.  A short ways out of town, he had me taking off my dress so I was just in the gold suit.  He then took a turn off the main highway and pulled to the side of the road. He got out and inserted The Dukes (benwa balls) into me. He took backroads on our way home which are much more bumpy and so I felt the The Dukes moving around inside me.  Turning me on and making me wet.

We had never taken this road before. We had thought about it but just didn't have the time when we didn't know how long it would take us. But today we decided to take a chance and so glad we did as it was so pretty. I now think it is going to be on my list as a  favorite. It would be incredible to live there but probably not great internet service reaching there. But truly beautiful and breath-taking.

The road came out in a small town on our original route so were able to take that the rest of the way home. Master had commented on the way about all the construction around that area. Basically saying I would be in my gold suit on the way home and the construction workers would be able to see me.  Well we didn't bypass the construction taking the scenic route - so about 20 mins before the construction, Master had me start masturbating with my remote control egg. I had 6 orgasms before we reached the construction.  They had the road open only one way so ushering people through in groups.  Just as we reached the stop point - to wait to get ushered I was having an orgasm. I pulled myself kind of upright instead of all down in my seat and tried to pretend I was okay. But Master kept pushing the remote to the egg up and down so the intensity would sometimes make me wiggle around more and make some moaning noise.

When we got going again, Master had me start masturbating again. While driving he would reach over and spank my pussy, slap my tits or grab and squeeze them hard. I am not sure how many more orgasms I had but a couple more at least but they were so powerful that I was begging no more. He said he didn't think he heard me correctly and keep pushing.  Eventually he allowed me to stop and I was ready for a nap with all the exertion in the hot weather.  Not that I am complaining it was a fun way to spend our time on the road home.  

As a slave, I think people sometimes think life is full of SM and sex. But we ebb and flow like every couple. Just right now we are having almost daily moments that when he touches me, it just sets turns something on inside me and it has helped keep that flow of sexual/SM energy up.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to a wonderful 24/7 M/s relationship at some point. It was wonderful to read this. Thanks:)

    1. You are welcome! :) I know that I am ever thankful for the relationship with Master. It is the best thing that ever happened to me and it just seems to get better as the years go on.

  2. It's awesome that this is where you are right now..I agree that the whole thing is ebb and flow. The images people have of how we live are sometimes comical in their simplicity, but it's a really complex relationship. Shoot...if a regular marriage is multifaceted...a D/s or M/s is like diamonds on steroids ;)

  3. :)very nice....I totally enjoyed Your post..

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