Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tug on my Leash

I don't need a tug on my leash to remind me who I am. I understand why some do and I know that early in my relationship with Master I probably felt I needed it, but mostly I just asked if things were okay when I was feeling off.

Just because I don't need the tug on the leash doesn't mean it doesn't sometimes feel nice when it happens.

A long time friend of mine, who is a dominant, wrote Master to let him know she and her slave are coming through town.  Master had been corresponding with her on it.  I was left out of it completely.  I really didn't even know anything about it.  When Master told me, it did give me that little tug that reminded me I am his property and well I don't need to be privy of all information. Master controls a lot of my life, but it has become such a part of my life that I sometimes don't notice it. This time I noticed.  It was just nice to feel it more overtly than usual.

Master's working on a big important project right now so when some details of my friends visit came up a few days ago, he told me he needed me to handle coordinating it. And again, I felt the tug ...a more overt tug that reminds me I am here to serve. Again - I serve him all the time but this was different so made me more aware of it.

So sometimes a tug on the leash feels nice when it happens in these small unexpected ways.

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