Sunday, September 07, 2003

We are in Terre Haute, Indiana. We just got back from the swim pool and hot tub….yes, I did a pure act of submission tonight by getting in my swimsuit and going with Master to the pool. I know He really wanted to go so…I am glad that I was able to make Him happy by going with Him. I know though He does not like my swimsuit and will probably get me a new one – one day.

So this trip started out not being very good….

I had a migraine on Friday that just seemed to getting worse and worse as the day wore on even though I had been taking migraine medicine all day. By the time I was heading to bed…I thought of asking Master to take me to the ER. It hurt to move, to see any light, to hear any noise….the kitties purring was almost too much for me. Anyway, Master gave me a vicodin and I was able to relax a little to get some sleep so that helped…but we did start out later on our trip then we planned.

I also felt a little better on Saturday but not up to my normal self and still fighting the migraine…so I was not very good company as I slept most of the time.

We then got to Manhattan and I forgot all about being football season and Kansan’s are such big football fans…so there were not very many hotel rooms there plus the price was so high we decided to go on to Topeka. I moved to Ohio from Topeka so it was a little nostalgic. Even going to Manhattan though was nostalgic for me as I love Manhattan and my ex husband worked where he had to travel and whenever he went to Manhattan I would go join him for at least one night because we liked Manhattan.

Topeka…though was more nostalgic as that is where I lived with my ex-husband. Master and I went past the house where my ex and I lived when we were married. My old neighbor was outside and could not see in the car, but kept staring as he was always a nosey neighbor.

This morning we got up and went and had breakfast with my ex-in-law’s who I am still friends with. Jim’s mom was thrilled to see me. And I was very happy to see her. I had not seen her in 2 years. She made me my favorite cake…to bring with us on the trip. She gave us disposable pan and forks and everything. It was really nice of her. We brought them wine. When she was hugging me she told me how much she liked Master and how she thought he was so nice and had such a nice voice. :)

I was glad she liked him. : )

In St. Louis Master had not seen the arch before so we stopped so He could take pictures. He thought it was so awesome. It is a really impressive structure. That area of St. Louis is very nice too…right next to the waterfront. So it was just very pretty all around there…even though I hate driving through St. Louis……the interstate system is not very good.

So now we are in Terre Haute, Indiana…and relaxing. It is nice. I have loved being on this trip with Master. It is so nice to talk and just be with each other. Tomorrow we will be at Bill and Lisa’s….I look forward to seeing them and all the rest of my friends. I have been very lucky to have such good friends….Bill and Lisa have been great…helping me move to their house, letting me live with them, letting me be depressed and always being there to help and support me and then storing my stuff for all these months. I am very lucky….

And excited to see them…and Moni....and well and everyone....*jumping up and down in seat*

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