Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Mood: pretty okay despite having fighting a migraine all day
Music: Sarah McLachlan ~ Afterglow
Topics: Master being WONDERFUL as usual, Denver Nuggets, F*ckhose, Ritual Shower

This evening Master and I were watching Angel and an advertisement came on for the release of Underworld on DVD. And Master said that He thought He should go get it for me. I told Him it was not necessary - to which He laughed - as He does often when I say things like that. He said I deserve it. *smiles* I have a wonderful Master. :) So He went to Wal-Mart and told me to sign online and vote for the NBA All-Stars.

We were watching the Denver Nuggets after Angel. So I just voted (needed some help from Master after He got home as I am not as into basketball as I used to be - so did not know who was who except for some Nuggets that we like). I voted for Carmello Anthony, Nene and also did a write in vote of Camby from the Nuggets too. One person that I always liked when I was into basketball was Reggie Miller. So on the Eastern Conference I voted for him.

This a journal entry....

If you have read my journal long enough you know that I dress for my Master every night when He comes home from work. A few weeks ago Master mentioned something about He wanted to rip into a pair of pantyhose and fuck me through the hole in them. He liked the thought of ripping them and also fucking me. Anyway, He did not want to do it to a good pair (I have hose that I wear that are hard to find here on the Western Slope in Colorado) so one night He came home and I was wearing a pair of pantyhose and said informed him that the hose I was wearing were hose that if He wanted to rip and fuck me in He could. Well that gave Him enough inspiration that He took me to the bedroom to play!

He put the leather hood on and laced it up very tight. Probably the tightest it had been before that night. He played with my breasts caressing them softly at first - almost giving me the impression he wasn't going to be sadistic - and then of course he began to be more harsh on them. He slapped and punched. He then turned me on my stomach and spanked me. A nice erotic spanking mixed in with some sadistic punching to my ass also. I was very very turned on and moaning. He ripped a hole in the pantyhose and then used my vibrator on me while spanking me. I had a very intense orgasm! Finally He pulled me to the edge of the bed and fucked me hard. I was screaming and moaning and writhing with pain and pleasure. mmmmmmmmm It was a good night!

/end journal entry

The hose that I chose for Master to rip into are not pretty hose as they are a pair that have a big crotch area that is re-enforced. And thus they are very strong in that area so they did not run. So I washed them to see if they would survive and they did because last night....

I put them on while getting dressed and made up for Master. I waited for Master in a black shirt flowing shirt with ONE button done so it was flowing open to expose my breasts and the other thing I was wearing....THAT pair of pantyhose. Master loves pantyhose so he saw the silky nylon stretching around my belly and bottom and was very pleased when He came home. He told me that I looked delicious and I said..."oh one more thing you might like about this pair"...I turned around and bent over. And He smiled and said, "Looks like my girl is begging to be fucked."

Well I helped perk Master up...that is my job right? *grins* someone has to do it...such a hard job! :) *blushing*

So we had dinner and talked about the class we are doing at SMART Fest. I then started to clean the kitchen. While cleaning, the phone rang. It was girlie. I had called on Tuesday, but she was not home and instead I talked to Grumbler Sir for a little bit. Anyway, girlie called me back last night and we talked. And I said, "do you want me to tease you?" She of course being the slut she is....*grins* said yes and I told her what I was wearing. Master calls them my fuckhose so I told her I was wearing a pair of hose that Master refers to as fuckhose. I then told her about the scene we had that created them. She was squirming. She can't say swear words. So she told me I would have to tell Grumbler Sir sooooo I told him and Master watched me and chuckled as I blushed and squirmed because it was far more embarrassing telling Grumbler Sir that then it was girlie.

After the phone call, Master and I chatted some more and watched some tv before heading to the bedroom where He again proceeded to put the leather hood on me, but He laced it up so tight that when we took it off I had a seam line on my nose and chin lol He had me on my back and He was very cruel to my tits. He really was squeezing, twisting, pounding and slapping them hard. It felt like He was trying to rip them off! And the same with the nipples. He then got out one of His favorite toys - that Katrina gave me. It is a music baton. It is like a little cane and hurts....a sharp intense pain. It is one of those that feels like it pierces the skin and then spreads out and then kind of goes away - like a cane does. But how Master uses it - the pain does not stop as He does not let it disappear - so it just seems to increase!

So He used that on my tits. I was VERY wet and turned on before He got the vibrator out and used it on me. But for reasons He and I talked about - I was not able to have an orgasm. He was VERY turned on so He took me, used me, fucked me. :) It was hard and rough - just the way I like it. *blushing* After He used me, we snuggle and talked. When He took the hood off and saw the seam, He was happy.

While we were playing - when He was abusing my tits - I snuggled up against Him. It is such a paradox....He is the person I feel safe with yet He was hurting my tits...abusing them...torturing them so I snuggled against Him to feel safe. But yet He was the one causing me to suffer. So where is the logic in me snuggling up against the sadist causing me this pain? LOL

He did stop a little bit when I snuggled up against Him - though not for long - as it gave Him a whole another set of of emotions to want to use me. His hooded girl being so close - the leather rubbing up against His skin and Him knowing it was His animal - His nothing really turned Him on even more. I think that is about the time when He got the baton out. LOL

hmm what else I think I have a few other things I want to write about...

This morning we did a ritual shower. We had not done one in a long while and so it was quite intense. It was wonderful though. I got to bath Master, play with His cock and feel all the soapy water drip on me after He pissed, came and spit on me. *blushing*

While looking for my past description of our ritual showers, I found this post and it made me wet thinking about it....the bruises and lip.

Well I can't find the description in my archives, but here is the one I used to have on my website...

We take a shower together. I sit in the bottom of the shower. Master starts the shower off with pissing. I am working to drink all of His piss during this time, but He also splashes some on me too. But the goal is to drink as most of it as I can drink. Master then goes to the usual part of the shower - that is basically taking His shower as normal. All His soapy suds and water from washing His body dripping on me as He washes up.

I also sometimes play with Master cock and He cums on me. He spits on me in the shower also. Always tilting my face up to Him as He spits on me so it drips down my face. I feel very used and dirty.

So that is the shower - the shower at first made me so fuzzy it was hard to focus after them. It puts me in my place - reminds me who I am - and gets me in the right place to start the day. They are very intense and still make me a little fuzzy, but as I said start my day out putting me in the right mindset to focus on doing good work for Master.

If anyone wants some good masturbational fodder...they should read some of the archvies...especially these...(I got side tracked looking at archives when looking for description of shower so decided to share *blushing*) Most of Febuary 2003. And much of the July archive especially after Thunder in the Mountains!

Master is watching X2 while I write this....tomorrow I hope the migraine stays away so I can get some things accomplished. I also hope I sleep well as the last 2 nights have been kind of restless.

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