Tuesday, November 06, 2007

7 things I am interested in.....

Over on Livejournal there is a meme going around that has to deal with the interests listed on profiles. People pick 7 interests they would like you to explain more. So these were picked for me. If you want to pick any interests for me to explain please feel free to leave me a comment or email me!

Edward Gorey
- I can't really remember when I first started liking his art but I think it was late grade school - jr. high maybe. He is like a darker Dr. Seuss to me. I just really like his images. I remember once upon time - I was a newlywed - I was shopping with my Mom and I picked up some notecards that had Edward Gorey images on them. I thought about getting them and framing them to put in our bathroom. My Mom was horrified...felt his works were evil. She told me she wouldn't ever use the bathroom in my house. Yes insert eye roll here. I ended up not getting them but not because of what she said just decided I didn't need to spend money that day.

- Definition: "In BDSM, the term mind fuck refers to the act of experiencing or creating a situation which brings about a sense of confusion or a heightened sense of stress, brought about by misleading someone within the confines of a scene or roleplay situation." (a little more at that link)

It is very odd. I would say I haven't been mindfucked in a long time. It is not that Master wouldn't like to but really something is kind of screwed up with me. Before in the past when with others that did mindfucks on me I could walk away and often have a few days away from the person and shake it all off and convince myself that I knew it wasn't real the whole time. Well with Master....I can't do that very well because I take everything Master says to me...to heart. So when it is done it crumbles me in ways that are hard to bounce back from. (humiliation and degradation in play too if it is heavy will do this to me too.)

He does some mindfucks that are okay...that I believed at the time they are being done but come back from okay. But really overall my brain is wonky with him because my feelings for him to are different from feelings I had with others in the past...I bring things he says to my heart much more.

- is basically a code of conduct....instruction from Master on how to achieve the things he wants in his life. I like that he has told me what he wants and expects from to help me enhance his life. One protocol he created was I walk on his right side because he can't hear in his left ear. When he was first teaching me that, he would stop walking to if I wasn't on his right side. I would ask if everything okay and he wouldn't say anything he would just stand there until I figured it out....standing there in the parking lot of mall, in the middle of wal-mart and so on.

- I have a thing for it...I always am looking at the type/font in on websites, in magazines/newspapers, tv ads, greeting cards, junk mail and so on. I have a ridiculous amount of fonts because of obsession. I also think it is why I have a love for a local artist that uses engraved printing plates to create his art.

Ritual Service
- a symbolic gesture done in serving. When we take a shower together it is a ritual for us....as it symbolizes things for us and the relationship we are in. Ritual service is taking something I do in service to make it symbolic. I have done that at times with cleaning the house, serving Master's dinner, getting his coffee and so on. I don't do it always but I do it in so that it helps me get back to center. I know that when I am not feeling very slave-like - struggling at times putting a ritual into my service helps bring me back to center.

Creating your own Reality
- I believe if I want something I am the one that can make it happen. I think about it, visualize and work the steps to get to manifest my dreams. I know I have done this in a negative way also - which I don't like - but in self sabotage I create my own reality.

Kevin Smith
- My first encounter with the name Kevin Smith was the movie Chasing Amy. I really liked the movie. And it is still one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies. But really more then his movies (although I do like most of his movies too)....I like him. I have seen Evening with Kevin Smith 1 and 2 and I just like his stories, look on life, and well I think he is sexy.

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