Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TMI Tuesday....

1. Wash up, cuddle or fall asleep? cuddle and then at times wash up and just occasionally fall asleep. I am at times worn out and can sleep and other times I am energized.

2. Have you ever faked orgasms? yes when I was an escort I did have to fake it sometimes. Not that often...most of my clients usually got me off but there were a few that didn't.

3. In any 24 hour period, what is the most number of time you have ever had sex?
vaginal sex 7 time - mixture of vaginal, oral and anal 12 times

4. Have you ever had sex or give/received oral sex while you were driving a car? not while driving but I gave my ex-husband oral while he was driving. We ended up having to pull off the road though to finish.

5. What do you think the average number of sexual partners your sex has in their lifetime (so for me a male)? Do you think most people lie when asked? My sexual partners is umm too high to remember...I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Most of the time it doesn't ever bother me but after this question and thinking about the norm might be....it bothers me.

Well I think most of my friends are between 6 and 10. I think the "norm" though is 4. But I also think people lie. I think things I count as sex - most people don't. Like the virgins that have anal and oral to be a virgin on their wedding night. I think you aren't really "innocent" if you have had everything but vaginal sex. You aren't a virgin in my eyes. On the other end of the spectrum...I had a friend in college who was raped but very much wanted it to be something special when she married -- and she was crushed she wasn't a virgin. And I felt in my eyes she would be a virgin with her husband because it would be her first consensual sex.

Bonus (as in optional):Can men and women be "just friends?" (Explain) yes I have had plenty of men that were just friends. And I don't feel we were ever attracted to each other sexually. We were just friends.

TMI Tuesday

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