Thursday, November 08, 2007

Questions of the Day

...over at Hellbent Queers...
If you could go back in time and restart your journey into BDSM would you do anything differently? Would you have read more? Gone to a Munch sooner?

I wish I wouldn't have had as much exposure to the internet. Websites, chatroom and such influenced me in over all negative way because I was just so caught up in the feelings instead of slowing down and really examining what they meant to *me*. I do wish I would have sought out people in offline --- such as munches and events sooner.

What is the purpose of play/scene for you? What do you hope to get out to of the experience?

Really it just depends on the mindset. Sometimes it is just foreplay to sex. Other times it is for an emotional release. Sometimes it is just for his amusement. Other times it is for a more animalistic or primal experience. And so on.

What would your ideal place to play/scene be? Describe the decor, the furniture, the music, tell us all about it.

I really can't think of an answer to this one. I mean there are things coming to mind but nothing stands out as the

Do you dress a certain way when you are getting ready to scene or go to a play party?

Been a long time...but usually do dress in fetish wear

How would you dress to go to a munch in a private space? How about if it was in a more public place?

Munch private setting: just casual everyday wear or fetish wear --- probably would depend on what was going to be going on at the munch.
Munch public setting: what I would call date attire and feminine

Does the clothing matter to you for setting the scene or not much?

It depends on the scene...doing a Daddy/little girl or Teacher/school girl yes the clothing does matter. But just fun in our bedroom it doesn't matter for me but I know Master has a fetish for clothing so he likes me to be dressed.

What kind of clothing do you like seeing your partner in for play or a munch?
It really doesn't matter for me. As long as Master is comfortable. :) Although he does have this very sexy pair of black jeans and a black shirt with stripes that I swoon every time I see him in them. :)

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